10 Things We Learned in 10 Years of Owning a Home Staging Business
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10 Things We've Learned in 10 Years of Owning a Home Staging Business

Oct 10, 2019

Ok, it has actually been 12 years-- but we originally published this blog in 2017 and we thought we would update it since we are constantly learning. :-)

After owning our own home staging business for over a decade, we have learned so much-- from our pic, you can clearly see we at least learned how to get a better haircut!! haha What were we thinking?! But beyond better haircuts, we've learned so much more that we want to use to help you. That is why we started Staging Studio-- so other entrepreneurs wouldn't have to make the same mistakes we did along the way.

1. Always get paid before doing the job. 

The stage does not even go on our schedule until the design/deliver/pickup fee has been paid, as well as the first month's rent. Our Expert level training comes with all the contracts, forms, etc we use in our own staging business. We are often scheduling out 2 - 4 weeks in advance, so it incentivizes clients to send that money it quickly.

2. Invest in a great website
Your website should clearly offer a way to request a bid, explain why you are the most qualified stager, offer testimonials, and more (we wrote a whole blog on what your website needs here.)

3. Hire for what you hate to do. 
Your first hire should be for whatever tasks are most difficult and draining for you. Focus your time and energy on the things you love and are good at. Our Path to Profitability course will help you think through this process.

4. Treasure your people. 
Finding and training your team members comes at a huge cost, making them your most valuable assets. Treat them as though they are precious and essential – because they are! – and they will be loyal and hard-working for you.

5. Buy light-colored, neutral inventory
White flowers, white towels, white bedding, linen sofa, and chairs. Then add pops of color with art and accessories. This will make your inventory more versatile and timeless. Pro tip: Buying wholesale is the best way to increase your profit margin. Without it, profitability is extremely difficult.

6. Don’t forget to get good before and after photos.
These are vital for your portfolio and website.

7. Always pack toilet paper. 
We probably don’t need to explain that one.

8. Respond to your market.
Make sure your branding, pricing, and services are the right fit for your area. 

9. Double-check your list before you head to a job. 
Can’t tell you how many times we have had to go back for some important item.

10. Confidence is the most important key to getting jobs.
When you have deep faith in your own expertise and ability, your clients will believe in you, too. Of course, the key to confidence is great training.

Now, how about you? Where do you want to be in 10 years?


Staging Studio was created FOR Stagers BY Stagers. Everything we teach, and all the resources we offer, are because we used them in our own business first. Know your numbers & where your money is going! Understand how to become profitable by strategizing & managing your cash flow.⁠

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