40% of paint sold is the wrong color the first time.

Select Color with 

Expert Confidence

Every time.


Become a Certified Master Color Consultant™

Beautiful Spaces Start with COLOR

From tile to trim & walls to hardwood, selecting the right color palette is a complex and dynamic process.  As a certified Master Color ConsultantTM, you will:

  • Confidently conduct color consultations
  • Select the perfect color palettes and finishes for any space- interior and exterior.
  • Apply design principles and color theory
  • Use color to affect perception of scale, proportion, and perceived value

  • Successfully market your color services

  • Understand which colors work with different wood tones

  • Understand the color wheel & how colors influence each other

  • Expertly accent, highlight or tone down the elements of a space

  • Instantly identify undertones

  • Unlock the secrets of your Sherwin-Williams fan deck

  • Easily formulate neutrals and select the perfect white

  • Know the psychology and meaning behind color for branding

  • Fun facts about paint and pigment

This course is for you, if:

•  You are a home stager, interior designer or social media influencer.

•  You have the ‘eye’ and intuitively know what looks great, but want to be able to articulate why to your clients.

•  You want to confidently choose colors for your own home

•  You have ever bought the wrong color of paint

•  You want to add color consulting to your services.


All the Trade Secrets-- REVEALED!

We explain how to select the perfect colors for any home and how to use color to drive home buying decisions. It’s expensive to experiment, so save your money & get it right the first time around!

Included in Course: Color Kit (Free Shipping to US and Canada)

To become Master Color Consultant™ Certified, you must complete color exercises to practice your skill and test your color theory understanding. Your Color Kit will be mailed to you upon purchase of the color course and includes: • Bag w/ logo • Color Wheel • Paint Fan Deck • Fabric Samples • Paint Swatches • Student Manual • Master Color Consultant™ Lapel Pin

Online course includes 13 video modules totaling 3 hours of video, plus exercises. Most people will need a minimum of 6-8 hours to complete the course. We recommend spreading that out over a week, going through a couple of modules each day.

Color Kits included ship FREE to US and Canada. Please contact our office if interested in purchasing Color Kit from another country. +1 (210) 722-1633


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