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Branding for Your Home Staging Business

Dec 21, 2021
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One of my business marketing professors in college once told our class that the most important advice he could give us was to clean your car before arriving at a job interview.

It seemed like odd advice at the time, but since then, I have come to realize that he was brilliant. Not only have I been walked to my car after an interview (TWICE), but it is a good reminder that the interview does not begin when you sit down and start answering questions. The interview begins the moment you are spotted.

This was nearly two decades ago – before we each had a personal online presence. Now, the first time you will be seen by potential clients is often on social media or your staging business’s website. Your branding needs to make a memorable and professional first impression.

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What is branding?

Branding is the perception your clients have when they think of your home staging business.

Think of it like your business’s “vibe” and all the factors that go into that. These are the images, words, and feelings that you want potential clients to associate with your brand.

There are many factors that establish your brand. Here are some of the key questions to ask yourself as you develop your staging business branding strategy.

Is your logo beautiful?

Create a logo for your staging business that follows all the rules of good design – the same rules that you follow when staging a home. Your logo should demonstrate that you are a design professional.

If your logo, website, and other marketing materials are unattractive, potential clients will assume that your work is ugly, too.

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Is your website easy to use?

A poorly designed website will leave users frustrated. Make sure your staging business website is beautiful and functional, so potential clients know you are easy to work with.

Do your furnishings appear high-end?

Your home staging inventory does not need to be expensive, but it should provide a luxury look. Successful stagers have luxury branding, no matter the price point of the listings they stage.

a beautiful staged white kitchen

Do your portfolio photos reflect the latest trends?

Your brand should include the ability to attract younger buyers.

Pro tip: When buying home staging inventory, we recommend investing in neutral, timeless, big-ticket items, like sofas, and trendier accessories like pillows.

Are you an amateur or a trained staging professional?

Your home staging certification is a huge part of your brand. Your training will help you clearly communicate design principles when explaining your staging decisions.

Don’t forget to display your Staging Design Professional® badge on your website – this sets you apart from hobbyist stagers and contributes to your luxury image. (It also helps with SEO.)

Do you have typos in your emails and social media posts?

Typos mean that not paying attention to detail is a part of your brand, and that is NOT the brand image you want. Triple-check all of your marketing materials, or even better, ask someone else to proofread for you.

Pro Tip: Use these social media and email templates for home stagers to make branding your business even easier.

Are you always late?

Being late to appointments means that being unreliable and inconsiderate is a part of your brand.

You may have noticed by now… everything you do is a part of your brand!

This may feel daunting – like everything you do is being scrutinized. But actually, as a home stager, designer, or real estate agent, you are already a professional brander. You are constantly branding houses:

  • You think through who the target buyer is for each home and prepare it in a way that would attract the right audience. 
  • You advise your clients to clean gutters, vents, and change burned-out light bulbs to show that the home has been well-maintained and cared for.
  • You recommend the best white paint colors that update and neutralize spaces, branding the home as clean, fresh, and ready to move in.
  • You place furniture that defines spaces, eliminates or overcomes negatives, and highlights the positives.

If you can brand homes, you can brand your home staging business.

Staging Studio is an accredited training company for home stagers based in San Antonio, TX. We exist to support your home staging and redesign business and offer all the resources you need to be a successful stager.

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