Expert Home Stager Training

Learn the A-Zs of home staging entrepreneurship, how to stage, and more with the Staging Design Professional® online certification course.

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Expert Home Stager Training

Learn the A-Zs of home staging entrepreneurship, how to stage, and more with the Staging Design Professional® online certification course.

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We took everything we learned while building our multimillion dollar business, and turned it into a world-class expert home stager training program.

✔ 15 video modules – learn at your own pace or binge like Netflix

✔ How to stage occupied AND vacant homes

✔ Home staging business & marketing training

✔ 50+ downloadable contracts, proposals, templates, and more

 ✔ 1-hour small group coaching call 

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who is this course for?

✔ Home decor lovers who want to start a home staging business

✔ Established home stagers tired of wasting time, energy, and money

✔ Anyone who dreams of interior design school, but doesn't want to spend $60k and 2+ years


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What People Say About the SDP® Course...

"I started the course with a passion for home decor and design, and no real direction on where to begin with home staging.

I am now leaving with a wealth of information and the confidence to pursue my passion with skills and motivation!"

-Kyana Idi

"With my busy lifestyle, I loved how easy it was to pick the lessons back up right where I left off. The information was so valuable and interesting to me that I soaked it up like a sponge!"

-Andra Ziebol

"As an interior designer, I thought I didn't need this course. Well I thought wrong! I've learn so much in this course, it made my staging approach more effective and productive.

My projects look better, they get installed more efficiently, and I feel much more confident offering a service that is set for success."

-Angel Riveros

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Staging Studio Co-Founders Debbie Boggs and Julie Young style a bed with pillows

Debbie Boggs & Julie Young

Staging Studio Co-Founders

BFFs Debbie & Julie founded a multimillion dollar staging biz together over a decade ago. Through Staging Studio, they teach up-and-coming stagers like you to achieve life-changing results.

Julie and Debbie have been honored with numerous staging awards through RESA, HSRA, and IAHSP. They frequently speak at industry events, and co-wrote the Amazon #1 best seller, Marketing for the Staging + Design Industry.

In-Person Home Stager Training

Once you complete your SDP® online certification, you are eligible to come to our hands-on Master Class, where you will spend 3 days with us practicing staging at our home staging training center.

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"The courses at Staging Studio show you that what may seem impossible is very possible! Just take it one step at a time using the modules as a guide."

-Patrice Bridgewater-Daniel, Staging Design Professional®

Module 1: Interior Design Concepts 1

Module 1: Interior Design Principles

Your introduction to core design principles and how they apply to home staging.

  • Identify and define principles of design

  • Use proper scale and proportion

  • Balance visual weight of furniture in a room

  • Identify and draw attention to the focal point

  • Place furniture with confidence

Plus, we'll give you specific dimensions to speak like a PRO!

Module 2: Curb Appeal

Module 2: Curb Appeal

Learn how to stage the exterior of a home to increase curb appeal.

  • How to improve front porch appeal

  • The best colors for front doors

  • How to choose exterior colors

  • Easy trim color selection

  • How to create proper scale and balance with landscaping

Module 3: The A to Z on Art

Module 3: The A to Z on Art

Understand the purpose and uses of art in home staging.

  • How to place art

  • How to balance scale of art

  • How to select correct size and shape

  • How to coordinate various art pieces in a space

  • Easy tips for hanging art

  • Specific pro dimensions to follow

  • How to hang a gallery wall, double art, and triptychs

Module 4: Homebuyer Perceptions

Module 4: Homebuyer Perceptions

Professional home staging enhances the perceived positives and reduces the perceived negatives of a listing.

  • How to increase the perceived size of a home

  • How to raise the perceived value of a home

  • How to enhance perceived condition of a home

  • How to promote a perceived lifestyle

  • Scripts to communicate concepts to staging clients

PLUS a staging case study: Features that make homes sell

Module 5: Branding Your Staging Biz

Module 5: Branding Your Staging Business

Establish branding that reflects your skills as a designer.

  • How to “stage” yourself

  • Brand development

  • How to select the appropriate business type

  • How to choose your staging business name

  • Key elements of your staging website

  • Guidelines for establishing a business code of ethics

Module 6: Marketing

Module 6: Marketing

Learn how to market yourself to potential clients.

  • The 3 steps to marketing: woo, win, wow

  • What is education-based marketing?

  • How to be recognized as the go-to staging expert

  • How to connect with Realtors

  • Define and understand common real estate terms

  • How to implement your marketing plan

Module 7: Targeting the Homebuyer

Module 7: Targeting the Homebuyer

Expert staging is not one-size fits all. Learn to adjust your designs to attract the most likely buyer.

  • Understand the importance of identifying the target buyer

  • Identify the generation of the target buyer

  • Employ demographic information to identify the target buyer

  • Appeal to the most likely buyer

Module 8: Interior Design Concepts 2

Module 8: Interior Design Concepts 2

Become an expert with in-depth design training.

  • How history, fashion and interior design influence one another

  • How to identify the architectural style of a home

  • How to identify interior design styles

  • How to incorporate texture into your staging

  • How to use accessories in your staging

  • How to style a bookcase

Module 9: Interior Design Concepts 3

Module 9: Interior Design Concepts 3

This module teaches you advanced home staging techniques used by Staging Design Professionals®.

  • How to stage windows

  • The importance of proper lighting

  • How to select fixtures to scale

  • How to improve flooring and the use of rugs

  • How to address sound/acoustic problems

Module 10: Color Training

Module 10: Color Training

At most training companies, color training is sold separately. We believe that understanding color is foundational to being a home stager. So, of course we include it in our training!

  • How to understand the color wheel and terminology

  • Color psychology

  • How to select the perfect color for staging

  • How to select colors to work with different wood tones

  • How to select paint finishes

  • 5 steps to create a color scheme

Module 11: Room-By-Room

Module 11: Room-by-Room

Let's go room by room together and learn the best ways to stage any space! From entryways, to primary bedrooms, to everything in between, we'll cover foolproof staging strategies.

  • Understand ‘Love vs. the List’

  • Identify key rooms to stage

  • No-fail guide for staging each area of the home

  • How to address undefined spaces

Module 12: Occupied Home Staging

Module 12: Occupied Staging

  • How to assess the staging needs of a property

  • How to prepare for, conduct, and follow-up on a staging consultation

  • Staging vs. decorating

  • Staging service options

  • How to stage using the homeowner’s furnishings

  • Pros and cons of supplementing with your staging inventory

  • Pricing your occupied staging services

Module 13: Vacant Home Staging

Module 13: Vacant Staging

  • Advantages of a staged home

  • Vacant staging process

  • Pricing your vacant staging services

  • How to create a staging bid

  • Pros and cons of owning vs. renting staging inventory

  • How to prepare for a vacant stage

  • How to select inventory

  • Secrets of buying wholesale staging inventory

Module 14: Keys to Success

Module 14: Keys to Success in Your Staging Business

Advanced entrepreneurship and business skills, designed specifically for home stagers and redesigners.

  • Understanding the limbic system and how it affects home-buying decisions

  • Staging statistics

  • Identify the 5 major selling objections, and scripts for overcoming them

  • How to give your clients the ‘why’

  • How to identify and work with the 4 basic personalities

Module 15: Staging Business Plan

Module 15: Staging Business Plan

Let's do this! To wrap up the course, you'll develop a business plan to rocket your staging biz to success. We'll show you ways to grow and scale your business and career in a profitable, sustainable way.

  • Business quick-start checklist

  • Establishing (and achieving!) your business goals

  • How to set up vendor accounts to buy furniture at wholesale prices

  • How to build your team

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Every Form, Contract, & Checklist You Need for Your Home Staging Business

Download over 50 documents and resources to jumpstart your career as a home stager, including new templates like:

  • vacant staging proposal
  • occupied and vacant client agreements
  • staging statistics infographic
  • up-to-date wholesale vendor list
  • occupied home staging consultation report
  • vacant staging workflow & email templates
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NOTE: This course is meant for one person only. Please do not share logins or passwords. Violations will result in immediate revocation of access. Online access to the course and any updates will be available for one year. After that, a subscription renewal is available, but not necessary. Certification is good for your lifetime and does not need to be renewed to remain valid.

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