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Accredited Home Staging Certifications

Explore Staging & Design Courses
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We're just a few BFFs who built a multi-million dollar home staging & design biz doing what we love.


Now, we'll guide YOU to living your dream in design – with online and hands-on courses, free resources, and a supportive staging community.


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Staging Studio Reviews

"My training at Staging Studio gave me the confidence and knowledge to move from a hobby to a full-time business."

Christine Cowles
Co-Owner, Staged & Styled Santa Barbara

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"The entire Staging Studio team is absolutely amazing! I highly would recommend every stager attend their class. The investment was beyond worth it."

Staphanie Newsom

Founder, Dreamy Home Designs

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"Staging Studio has constantly provided education that has helped my staging business evolve into a #1 firm in NYC. This course is an absolute must for anyone serious about growing their business."

Jason Saft
Founder, Staged To Sell Home

two pictures stacked. one is off dining room with white walls and gray chairs and another is a headshot
"Since taking the Staging Studio Master Class, our revenue has grown 10x."

Natalie Lorenz
Founder, Decorus Home Staging

two pictures stacked. one is off dining room with white walls and gray chairs and another is a headshot
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Staging Studio Co-Owners Andress Eichstadt, Debbie Boggs, and Julie Young in a staged living room

Who We Are... 

Staging Studio was created for stagers, by stagers. We own an award-winning home staging business and love every minute of it.

Now we want to share our strategies and expertise with you! Over the years, we learned what works and what doesn't. You get to learn from our successes and mistakes (hey–we like to keep it real).

We are here, cheering you on. YOU can do this!

Debbie Boggs, Julie Young, and Andress Eichstadt
Staging Studio Co-Owners

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Earn certifications in home staging, color consulting, and short-term rental design, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Explore our library of marketing materials, social media templates, and more for home stagers and redesigners.

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Hands-On Stager Training

Come to our state-of-the-art stager training center, The Studio, to practice real-life staging and get in-person training!

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