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How to Find a Job as a Home Stager

May 02, 2024
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Do you dream of decorating homes for a living, but DON’T dream of starting your own business? You're not alone. While entrepreneurship offers many rewards, it's not for everyone. If you would rather work for a home staging company than start your own, we have some tips for finding a home staging job near you – and how to stand out as the top candidate!

Finding a Home Staging Job Near You.

Although most home staging companies are pretty small, home staging businesses that we have trained tend to grow very quickly and these business owners are often hiring. A practical first step in finding a home staging job in your area is utilizing our Find a Stager Map. These stagers are trained by us and so are the most likely to grow and scale– and be profitable enough to hire employees. Contact the staging companies close to you and ask about employment opportunities.

Expand Your Network.

  • Join industry-specific associations such as the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). Attending RESA events allows you to meet home staging professionals and companies that are on the lookout for skilled stagers.
  • Leverage Social Media: Home stagers love Instagram and engaging with their accounts is a great way to connect with them. Share your staging projects and interact with content posted by staging companies near you. Your engagement could turn heads! This approach has helped us hire several stagers for our own team.
  • ​​Join Our Facebook Group: Become an active member of the Staging Studio Society on Facebook. This group serves as a community hub for stagers, doubling as a job board where opportunities within the home staging career field are frequently posted.

Staging Certifications Count.

Most successful home stagers invest in training their team. Our Staging Design Professional® certification has a “pro” level that is specifically tailored for staging team members. It teaches the “how” of staging, but not the business of staging.

With the new FTC ruling that prohibits employers from enforcing non-compete agreements, employers are more concerned that employees will leave them once they have been trained to go to a competitor, or start their own business. There may be a hesitancy from some stagers to invest financially in training new employees.

If you invest in yourself and get certified in home staging before applying for jobs, you are going to be much more attractive as an employee. Hiring you will be less risky and you will be able to jump in and be helpful from day one.

Build a Compelling Staging and Design Portfolio.

When applying for a job as a home stager, just sending in a resume is most likely not going to get you an interview. You need to show that you are a talented designer! Always include photos of your work.

If you don’t have photos of your work, take photos of your own home. Photos of your homes you have decorated or staged are incredibly important. Without them, it is impossible to judge your skill level.

Don’t worry if your home is not decorating like a magazine! The important thing employers will be looking for is if you understand color and scale. Stagers understand that having on-trend furnishings takes money and they won’t expect you to have that. They will expect you to hang pictures at the correct height and have furnishings to scale. This is all learned in the staging training.

Another way to build your portfolio is to come to the Staging Studio Master Class. Not only do you get a comprehensive hands-on staging education there, you also come away with photos for your portfolio of your own work!

Example of photos Staging Studio students get at the Master Class for their portfolio.

Enroll in the Staging Design Professional® Course and Launch Your Career Today!

Landing a job with a staging company involves more than just the desire to stage homes; it requires strategic action, showcasing your skills, and connecting with the right people in the industry. By following these tips and utilizing resources like our Find a Stager Map, you’re well on your way to turning your staging dreams into a professional reality. Ready to start your journey in the home staging world? Check out our courses and get certified today!

Important note: If you know you want to start your own staging business, but first want to work for another company to gain some experience, read this blog on job shadowing for home stagers.

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