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Staging Design Professional®

Start your home staging journey by earning your prestigious SDP® certification.

"I loved EVERYTHING about the course! Debbie and Julie left no stone unturned. My business is still very young and I took the course having some knowledge and experience. You still OVER DELIVERED and exceeded my expectations. I'm blown away and never thought the education would be as robust as it is."

-Nedra Hines | Owner, Effortless Charm Staging, Dallas, TX


"Closing in on my 5th year as the owner of a staging company, this course was amazing! It validated things we were doing right, pointed out many areas for improvement and gave fresh ammunition for effectively growing the business. I wish I had taken this course first... EVERYTHING was covered."

-Jude Henson | Owner, Real Home Staging Solutions, Brighton, MI


"The Pro Level class is perfect for real estate agents and agent team members. This gives us a very helpful advantage when helping our clients stage their homes, using their own items, to prepare for listing photos. This class will more than pay for itself."

-Michelle Haines | Real Estate Agent


"I loved doing this class from home. I love learning the basic principles of home staging, about psychology of home buyers, and learning about statistics how to stage to sell fast and get the best money offer."

-Anna Gawecki

Now, it's your turn. Find success as a Staging Design Professional®, like countless other accomplished home stagers across the globe.

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3-Day Master Class Experience

The hands-on staging Master Class was created for the highly motivated entrepreneur who is ready to jump in with both feet & skyrocket their staging business to profitability.
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Natalie Lorenz

Owner, Decorus Home Staging
Kirkland, WA

"I loved the training so much and found it extremely beneficial in my day to day stagings, that I decided to send my stagers on the course too. This has helped to all speak the same language, know the same principles, and the team is all on the same page. Since taking the Staging Studio Master Class, our revenue has grown 10x from our first year."

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Janet Chicoine

Lead Stager, Evergreen Staging & Design
Dallas, TX

"I have been staging for a little over 3 years now. I kinda thought I knew what I was doing. I came down to San Antonio to take the class with Debbie and Julie, and I am blown away. I have learned so much these last couple of days. I can't wait to get back home and put everything to use that I've learned."

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Deborah Plowden

Founder & CEO, Debonair Home Staging & Redesign
President, IAHSP Houston Chapter
Houston, TX

"I can now move my company from being a good company to being a great company. I highly recommend this training for any stager, whether a beginner or seasoned. This training is invaluable."

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Appy Mikel

Realtor®, Berkshire Hathaway
Glenwood, MN

"The class was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my business. I would do it all again. Hear me when I say this – this class was worth it! What I learned in the SDP® course will save me thousands in mistakes that I inevitably would have made."

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Master Color Consultant®

Follow in the footsteps of Master Color Consultants® Donna Rothman and Alysia Wade, and you'll learn how to offer color consultations and pick the right color every time.
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"I'm blown away by the first module! You don't understand - I have been through color courses before and always felt something was missing. I'm a Life Long Learner which means I study everything until it makes sense - at its core. This is by far phenomenal! I can't wait for the rest. Design is now starting to make sense!"

-Donna Rothman | Owner, Stage & Restyle, Philadelphia, PA

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"I loved this course, and despite the fact that I have many years of experience in the staging business, this proves that there is always more to learn! The lessons were well-thought out, yet quick to the point, which made me look forward to jumping on the computer any chance I had to hear and learn about the next lesson!"

-Alysia Wade | Owner, The Desired Effect, LLC

Become a Certified Master Color Consultant®

Short-Term Rental Stylist®

Certified Short-Term Rental Stylists® are prepared to design beautiful, safe, and profitable Airbnbs. Here's why you should get your certification today.


"Putting together my first email to go out to local vacation rental house and I feel confident, encourage, and have a real pep in my step that I did not have before taking the Short-Term Rental Stylist® course. I feel armed and ready!"

-Nicki Wolfe

"Debbie and Julie have put together a veritable treasure trove of information in this Short Term Rental Styling® course. This course is just what you need to boost your confidence and take your business to the next level!"

-Pauline Baylock

The Pricing Lab for Home Stagers™

Stumped on how to price your home staging and redesign services? The Pricing Lab™ offers comprehensive training AND experience as we guide you through case studies and worksheets to set your prices.

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"The Pricing Lab™ has been very helpful for me as I'm trying to figure out prices for my own business. The course goes through occupied and vacant, and even Airbnb, model homes, and redesign. They give you the best methods that are used for each of those and how to negotiate with clients. I've found it to be another really excellent course."

-Jessica Mitchell


Learn How to Price Your Staging Projects

Buy Like a Boss: The Stager's Guide to Wholesale

As a Buy Like a Boss student, you'll learn how to shop wholesale for home staging furnishings AND get our full wholesale vendors list. Read how the course is a game-changer for stagers like you.
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"Once again, the Staging Studio does not disappoint! This course has everything you need to know to navigate buying wholesale & going to the furniture markets. They’ve done all the difficult work for you & provided organized & concise tips and tricks for making the most out of market experience. Even having been to the Las Vegas market several times I found this to be a valuable resource!"

-Erin Giorgi | Owner/Lead Stager, Giorgi Girl Designs, Inc.

Learn How to Shop Wholesale

Social Media & Email Template Bundle

Social media creation and email writing take so much time and are hard to perfect. That's why we wrote emails and designed easy-to-use templates for you that will take your marketing to the next level–without the hassle.
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“This content has been a lifesaver and definitely a stress reducer! For MONTHS, I've been trying to focus on my social media presence, but never had time. Because of this content, my marketing is working behind the scenes without me. I've gained numerous new followers and the response/engagement has been amazing!"

- Jennifer Carr, Before & After Designs

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"I just have to tell you, these are awesome. My life just got so much easier! Thanks so much for such a great resource."

- Evelyn House, Staging East Texas

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“The social media bundle is a great tool for someone like me who struggles to find what to post on a regular basis. I want to grow my social media exposure, and this is a great framework for me moving forward. Your work is very creative and just incredible!

- Madelyn Nguyen of Stage InStyle Creatives

Download Social Media & Email Templates for Stagers
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