Buy Like a Boss: The Stager's Guide to Wholesale

Wholesale is a total game changer for your business! Switching from retail to wholesale is truly the key to your profitability. Learn to navigate the complex furniture markets and decode the wholesale buying process! Increase your profit margin and buy smarter with this course.

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In this course, you will learn:

• How to negotiate the best price with vendors.
• How to decipher the intricate pricing structure and read complicated price tags.
• How to use and understand the vocabulary and acronyms of wholesale.
• What questions to ask each vendor.
• Decode shipping costs, freight programs, delivery, opening minimums, and the ordering process.
• The A to Z on Resale Certificates and Proof of Trade Status.
• How to mark up items for resale.
• Which market is the best fit for you and how to navigate them.
• How to get the most out of your market experience.
• How to register for the markets.
• Do's and Don'ts of showroom etiquette.
• How to be a trend-spotter at the furniture market to maintain fresh inventory.

PLUS get our full list of vendors we buy from in our own home staging business. This list took us more than a decade of research and trial-and-error buying to create– and will save you enormous amounts of time and money!

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