The Home Stager's Guide to Wholesale Buying

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The Home Stager's Guide to Wholesale Buying

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Wholesale is a total game changer for your home staging business.

Switching from retail to wholesale truly is the key to your profitability as a home stager and redesigner.

Learn to navigate the complex furniture markets, decode the wholesale buying process, and increase your profit margin.

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"This course has everything you need to know to navigate buying wholesale. Staging Studio has done all the difficult work for you, and provided organized and concise tricks for making the most out of the market experience."


-Erin Giorgi

What You'll Learn in Buy Like a Boss:

✓ How to negotiate the best prices with vendors

✓ How to decode shipping costs, freight programs, delivery, opening minimums, and the ordering process

✓ How to decipher the intricate pricing structure and read complicated price tags

✓ What questions to ask each vendor

✓ The A-Z on Resale Certificates and Proof of Trade Status

✓ How to mark up items for resale

✓ Everything on attending market, from registering to showroom etiquette to getting the most out of your experience

✓ How to be a trend-spotter to maintain fresh inventory

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Updated in 2023!

PLUS: Get Staging Studio's Exclusive Vendor List

This list includes all the wholesale vendors we buy from in our own home staging business. This list took us more than a decade of research and trial-and-error buying to create–and will save you enormous amounts of time and money!

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Are You Ready for Furniture Market?

Las Vegas Furniture Market starts July 28, 2024. Don't show up unprepared!









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Our Home Staging Inventory Shopping Guide

We have some special resources for you as you start buying furniture and accessories for your home staging business.

Check out the links below for some of our favorite items!

Our former students over at Decorus Art create the BEST large art for home staging.

Shop Art for Home Staging

While we typically suggest you use our Wholesale Vendor List to shop wholesale for inventory, there are some great affordable items available in the Staging Studio Amazon Storefront, too!

Shop Our Amazon Faves

*Please note, Staging Studio may receive compensation for purchases made through the affiliate links above.