SDP™ Scholarship Application

We believe the home staging industry should be open to anyone who loves home decor and has the entrepreneurial drive to start their own business. We also believe that training is an essential part of building a successful business.

Although our prices are kept as low as possible, we recognize that some need assistance. The scholarship is funded by our own students–a portion of their course fees give back to student scholarships.

Scroll down to apply for the scholarship.

Apply for the SDP™ Scholarship

Fill out the below form to apply for financial assistance for your SDP™ certification. Scholarships may only be applied to the SDP™ Pro or Expert levels and cannot be used on any other certifications or courses at this time.

Please note that we cannot award scholarships to everyone who applies, and that awarded scholarships will not cover the entire cost of certification. Building a staging business requires an investment of time and money; we consider the scholarships to be partnerships with our students and expect you to invest financially in your future as well.

Please provide answers to each question on the form below. Only fully completed applications will be considered.


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