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Selecting the perfect color palette is difficult. The Master Color Consultant® course makes it easy.

✓ Earn your Master Color Consultant® certification online in 6-8 hours

✓ Practice color theory and design principles with your Staging Studio Color Kit (free with course!)

✓ Find clients & start earning money with color consultations

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What's Included in the Course?

  • 13 video modules covering undertones, color palettes, conducting color consultations, color theory, and SO much more

  • Your color kit, mailed to you within 5 business days after enrollment – including a Staging Studio bag, color wheel, paint fan deck, fabric samples, paint swatches, student manual, and Master Color Consultant® lapel pin

  • Short quizzes using your color kit for hands-on practice

  • Listing on the Find a Color Consultant Map & Directory, so you can start booking clients!

  • Your Master Color Consultant® Certificate

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  • You want to confidently choose colors for your clients or your own home

  • You have ever bought the wrong color of paint

  • You want to add color consulting to your staging and design services

  • You have an ‘eye for design’ but want to be able to articulate the "why" to your clients

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"This was such a great course. I feel so much more confident about helping clients select paint colors."

-Darcel El-Amin, Master Color Consultant®

"I'm blown away! I've been through color courses before and always felt something was missing. This is phenomenal! Design is now starting to make sense!"

-Donna Rothman, Master Color Consultant®

"Informative, quick, self-paced course to help you learn more about color, either for your own home or for clients."

-Sarah Goicoechea, Master Color Consultant®

How Much Does the Master Color Consultant® Course Cost?

Your color kit is included in your course! The kit ships FREE to US and Canada within 5 business days. Please contact us with the website chat box if you are interested in having the color kit delivered to another country.

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Meet Your Instructor

Staging Studio Co-Founder Debbie Boggs has years of experience conducting color consultations while running her multimillion-dollar home staging and design business.

Debbie has shared her color expertise at the National Kitchen & Bath Association, Real Estate Staging Association Conference, and Home Staging Association UK & Ireland Forum. Now, she's sharing it with you in the Master Color Consultant® course.

what's inside the color course?

Understanding the Color Wheel

This module shows you how to use the color wheel to identify warm and cool colors, different types of color schemes, and so much more


Understanding the Undertones

Undertones can be very subtle – but they are also the cause of most color mistakes. Learn how to correctly work with the undertones in every surface of the room.


Working with Whites and Hard Surfaces

One stop in the paint aisle, and you'll realize there are wayyyy more white paint colors than you possibly could have imagined! This module teaches you exactly when to use each category of white paints. Plus, how to work with different hard surfaces, like quartz, marble, and various wood tones.


Using Your Sherwin-Williams Fan Deck

Now that you have an understanding of the color wheel, are you ready to have your mind blown? The Sherwin-Williams fan deck is unlike anything else on the market, and we're unlocking the secrets of how to use it!


Color Emotion and Meaning

Colors evoke human emotions. Maybe you want to create an energetic vibe in an Airbnb design project, or a color that makes a real estate listing feel welcoming to potential buyers. We'll show you how to use color to create emotion and meaning in any space.


Finding the Perfect Color

Learn the 5 Steps to a Beautiful Color Scheme, how to consider existing tones, and other strategies for finding the perfect paint color.


Design Principles

Whether your client is seeking interior decorating or staging services, design principles should guide the color selection process. This module shows you some key elements of design to influence your color consultations.


Exterior Color

Exterior paint is a big commitment – it needs to outlive the 10 year trend cycle. Learn how to select the perfect colors for exterior features like siding, front doors, porches, and so much more.



Color isn’t really color. It is how our eyes interpret different light waves. So, when choosing a paint color, you need to consider things like light bulbs, natural light, light reflectance value, and more.


How to Choose the Best Colors for Staging

Fresh paint in updated colors gives the impression that the house overall has been well-maintained and is up-to-date. Your color selections can also make a listing look bigger (or smaller). This module covers expert strategies for picking colors for home staging.


Color Consultations

Now that you know the ins and outs of selecting a perfect paint color, you can begin offering color consultations to your clients. This module teaches you each step of conducting a consultation.



Paint finishes impact the way a color appears. This module teaches the differences between flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss paint. Plus, what you need to know about paint brands and how to paint a room or hire contractors.


Fun Facts

The history of color, and other insights that will help bring meaning to the work you do.

Color Kit

Mailed to you within 5 business days after enrollment. Features everything you need to complete the course exercises and get started: Staging Studio bag, color wheel, paint fan deck, fabric samples, paint swatches, student manual, and Master Color Consultant® lapel pin.

Templates & Resources

Documents to kickstart your color consulting business! Download these PDFs in your course – Top Front Door Colors, Top Neutrals, Top Whites, 4 Categories of Whites, Undertones, and customizable Color Consult Report Template.

Your Certificate, Seal, and Listing

Printable certificate of completion, Master Color Consultant® seal to use on your marketing materials, and 1-year complementary listing on the Find a Color Consultant Map & Directory.

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Trending Paint Colors E-Book

This 10-page e-book is full of our favorite trending paint colors for home staging and Airbnb design.

We'll show you the best neutrals, earth tones, jewel tones, and white paint colors for your next project.

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Trending Paint Colors E-Book

Current Paint and Color Trends in Home Staging

Millwork, color drenching, the "return of pretty," and more.

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Color Transforms a 70s-Era Mobile Home

Get inspo from this Master Color Consultant's® gorgeous project.

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Discover the Emerald Collection

How to use the Emerald Collection by Sherwin-Williams®.

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