Discover the New Emerald Collection® by Sherwin-Williams®

Discover the New Emerald Collection by Sherwin-Williams®

Aug 04, 2020

Sherwin-Williams® recently revealed 200 new colors in the Emerald® Designer Edition collection. These colors are absolutely yummy! While they are organized into 5 distinctive palettes, almost all of these velvety smooth choices work incredibly well with each other. 

Via Sherwin-Williams®, SW 9677 Kingston

The luxury pigments have a sophistication that simplifies the creation of color palettes. Since the colors in this collection mostly have similar levels of muting and clarity, mixing and matching is a breeze.

Via Sherwin-Williams®, SW 9543 Gypsum

Here's to some new whites! It has been about 5 years since Sherwin-Williams® introduced a fresh lineup. This collection fills in some of the gaps that designers had been missing. We can envision many of these replacing some of our go-to standards. For example, SW 9541 White Snow is close to being as true a white as SW 7757 High Reflective White, but with a softer, more balanced edge.

The ‘Rustic and Refined’ palette provides the perfect update for the recent farmhouse trend. Try ‘Succulent’ (SW 9650) instead of charcoal for kitchen cabinets to achieve a softer version of the look.

Via Sherwin-Williams®, SW 9650 Succulent

‘Prelude’ (SW 9620) is another that we predict will become a fan favorite. Consider it the next time you were about to specify ‘Iron Ore’ (SW 7069).

With its elegant finish, the Emerald series provides the best coverage available. Translation - Fewer coats, even when making a dramatic change of color. You will pay more per gallon, but it is going to require fewer gallons.  

Via Sherwin-Williams®, wall is SW 9591 Whisper and brick is SW 9586 White Sesame

For insider tricks on how to use your Sherwin-Williams® paint deck to create flawless combinations, check out our FREE Color Training Videos. If you can count to 15, you can expertly get it right every time.

All photos courtesy Sherwin-Williams®. Honestly, these colors are so new that there aren't many images available yet. Why not be one of the first to post your own photos using them? Be sure to tag #StagingStudio so we can comment and oooh and aaaaah!

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