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7 Things Your Home Staging Website Needs To Gain Clients

Jun 29, 2017
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Wondering how to get home staging clients through your website? As a designer, you know that your website needs to be beautiful and easy to navigate.

You have selected a gorgeous website template, but now are stuck staring at the empty text boxes. You may be prone to writing too much, or maybe you do not know what type of content should appear on your website. Here are 7 things your home staging website needs to gain clients.

1. How you are going to solve their problem

Define what your target client’s problem is, and tell them how staging works to resolve their pain points. Homeowners want to sell their house and real estate agents want to sell their listings. How will your business help them accomplish this?

Remember, your website is NOT about you, it is about your clients. This is one of the most common mistakes we see on home stagers’ social media profiles and websites. Many stagers tell their clients all about their own life story on their website, but forget to mention why the client should hire them.

A little bit of your backstory is important to establish you as an expert – for example, you will want to share your Staging Design Professional™ certification so they know you are trained by an accredited stager training program. But by and large, don’t focus on who you are – center your story around how you will help them sell listings for a higher profit.

a woman looks at a home staging website on her laptop in an office

2. A clear explanation of what you do

This sounds simple, right? Our old tagline was “Creating beautiful spaces where people want to live." We thought we were so clever combining our home staging and design services.

But we were missing the mark. It’s too vague. It doesn’t really explain how the customer will benefit from our home staging services

Now, our website says that our business “transforms every listing into a model home with luxury home staging at a budget price.” This tells website visitors that we design real estate listings, we are affordable, and our work is luxury.

a group of three people look around a laptop on a coffee table, looking and pointing at a home staging website

3. Why home staging is important

What is the upside of staging a home to sell? Is home staging worth it for your clients in terms of time and money? Why should they hire you to do it for them?

We have a great resource for you to share with your clients! Download this home staging statistics infographic and use it to promote the value of home staging.

PRO TIP: Keep track of your own home staging statistics and use them to show your clients how your staging work gets results.

a home staging infographic is displayed on a laptop

4. What sets YOUR business apart

Why should they choose you as the best home staging company to hire?

There are probably several home stagers in your market. If not, that will soon change! Set yourself apart as the expert home stager who has been trained by the premier home staging training company.

What makes your home staging company unique? Do you have a particular specialty? Is your niche luxury homes, beach condos, or urban penthouses? Are you a Master Color Consultant® who will expertly coordinate tile, paint, and furniture that always enhances the perceived value of a home?

a Master Color Consultant looks at neutral paint swatches

5. A clear call to action

What steps do your clients need to take to stage their home to sell?

Visitors on your home staging website want a clear call to action. This is where you tell potential clients how to take the next step by providing them with your phone number, a button to schedule an appointment, or a form for a free home staging quote, and so on. How do they get what they are searching for quickly and easily?

Too often, we see homestagers spend so much money and work so hard on a beautiful website, but then they forget to add a CTA button. Make sure you are giving visitors an easy way to contact you or request a bid. Keep it simple for your customers.

a woman calls a home stager on her cell phone with a laptop on her lap

6. Testimonials

Clients want to see home staging reviews. They will believe your past clients much faster than they will believe you.

Think about it – every time you order from Amazon, don't you check the reviews before purchasing a product? When you’re not buying from a brick-and-mortar store, reviews give you the confidence to purchase without seeing it.

The same holds true for home staging testimonials. Post reviews from your clients to give others the confidence to move forward with hiring your home staging business.

7. Short, clear information

Edit, edit, edit. Today clients scan through articles, rather than reading every last word. Use bullet points and easy steps for them to take action. Continue to tweak and update it regularly to stay current.

For more help with your home staging business's website, sign up for a website audit with Staging Studio. This one-hour coaching call and critique will give you a PLAN for leveraging your website to gain more clients and more profits.

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