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Transform Your Home Staging Business with the Staging Studio Master Class

Jun 08, 2021

You're curious about coming to an in-person training workshop to learn home staging, but not sure what to expect, or which home staging course to choose. You aspire to be the very best stager possible, and having the Staging Studio Master Class credentials would boost your confidence, but what is the experience like?

We’re glad you asked! Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at our 3-day in-person home staging training in San Antonio, Texas. We’ve been holding this onsite workshop for years, but recently, we launched a new and improved version that is better than ever before!

The Staging Design Professional® course provides the foundational staging certification training. This online home staging certification is a prerequisite for the in-person Master Class experience so that everyone comes into it with that same important base of knowledge. From there, the Master Class builds a beautiful framework for your business– giving you a system for everything and the experience and confidence to make it happen!

Whether you are just starting a home staging business or have been in the industry for a decade, this staging workshop is going to blow your mind and take you way beyond where you imagined you could be in your staging career.

Where Is the Staging Studio Master Class?

Drumroll please… the Master Class is now held at our brand-new, state-of-the-art stager training center and warehouse. We call it “The Studio.”

This innovative new facility will be the home base for your three-day staging workshop!

Our multi-million dollar home staging company also operates out of The Studio, and it’s where we store our home staging inventory. That means you’ll have access to our stagers, all of the systems we use in our business, and our entire warehouse during your Master Class.

Picture of a home stager showcasing an art piece

Pull artwork and furniture from the Staging Studio warehouse.

What Will I Do at the In-Person Home Staging Training?

The Master Class is a hands-on workshop, so you learn by actually staging real spaces!

You’ll practice occupied staging (also known as redesign), vacant staging, conducting consultations, pulling inventory, and so much more, all under the guidance of Staging Studio’s award-winning co-founders, Julie Young and Debbie Boggs.

Our stager training center features 2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 coffee bar, 2 bedrooms, 2 entryways, and so much more, so you can experiment with all of your staging ideas.

This practice area allows for unlimited scenarios and furniture layouts, including innovative teaching tools like a moveable fireplace and the practice wall for learning to hang even the hardest pieces of art by yourself!

A woman hanging an art piece on her living room wall

Gain real-world experience staging at the Master Class.

Will I Learn How to Do Occupied Staging and Redesign?

Over the 3-day staging workshop, you’ll be tasked with an occupied stage and a vacant stage, leaving you prepared to take on any staging or redesign project.

We’ll start the occupied staging training by doing a walk-through, discussing the particular challenges of the home and how to address them. Then, you will roll up your sleeves and get to work with the guidance of Debbie and Julie.

The process of conducting an occupied staging consultation is cemented through role-play. Step-by-step, we walk through exactly what to say and how to guide the conversation with your client.


Students of the master class online certification do a mock consultation

Master Class students practice an occupied consultation.

How Do I Set Up My Staging Warehouse or Storage Unit?

You and your fellow students will go on a warehouse tour and learn how our logistics team operates. The Staging Studio team is available for questions at all times and will walk you through everything from how to store rugs, to office management, to how to load the truck.

I Need Practice Planning and Pulling for a Vacant Stage.

After checking out the vacant spaces and taking measurements, your group will decide on the color and style scheme for your vacant stage. Then, you’ll pull your inventory from our warehouse and start staging.

When you are staging one house after another in your own staging business, it's important to know all of the cost and time-saving tricks. We share all of those insider secrets to make you more efficient, confident, and profitable!

 Julie Young showing some students how to stage a vacant home

Students work with Staging Studio Co-Founder Julie Young to plan and pull for a vacant stage.

What Else Is Included in the Master Class Workshop?

Not sure where to start on your staging portfolio and social media? Our Creative Director, Andress Eichstadt, teaches an entire session on social media marketing during the Master Class. You will also leave the Master Class with professional photos for your staging portfolio.

We provide continental breakfast and a catered lunch each day. These are great times to connect with your fellow SDP® Master Stagers. You will leave the experience with friends for life. (And of course an awesome swag bag!)

You are responsible for your own lodging, but we’ll guide you on that, too. We negotiated a great group rate at a local hotel for you!

Graduation is a proud moment to end the Staging Studio Master Class. You’ll receive your accredited certificate stating that you are finally certified Staging Design Professional® Master Stager, one of the most elite stagers in the industry.

Final goodbyes get a bit emotional because we have all come to cherish each other in these brief few days. Thankfully, we stay connected through our Staging Studio Society Facebook group and get to run into each other at staging conferences and the wholesale furniture markets.


Students holding a master class certificate at the end of the program

Celebrate your graduation at the end of the Master Class.

What Do Past Staging Students Say About the Master Class?

"The Master Class was invaluable AND fun! It packs in years of know-how and is worth every penny." -Angelic Ferguson

"Taking Staging Studio's Master Class was the best investment I will ever make for my business. I am confident that the tools and strategies that I learned will pay for the course 100x over!" -Jaclyn Penfield

“The Master Class was the best training I’ve ever attended. Full of great info, plus hands-on experience and what I love the most is Debbie and Julie are amazing! You just feel like you are part of their business when you are doing the Master Class training.” -Elia Martinez

“It’s amazing how much more confident I feel in moving forward with my staging business now. Thank you Debbie and Julie for sharing your knowledge and business to help others grow and become profitable themselves.” -Jessica Mitchell

“The training provided by the Staging Studio is priceless. I have recently switched careers, and taking this training has given me the confidence to know that I have the skills to make a property visually appealing to the widest number of potential buyers.” -Amy Lang

Staging Studio was created FOR stagers BY stagers. Everything we teach, and all the resources we offer, are because we used them in our own business first. You can be a successful stager too!

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