Becoming A Master Stager: An Inside Look at the Master Class

Becoming A Master Stager: What the Staging Studio Master Class is About

Feb 27, 2019

You're curious, but not sure what you're really getting yourself into. You aspire to be the very best stager possible, and having the Master credentials would boost your confidence, but what is the experience like?

So glad you asked! Here's a little behind-the-scenes look. The Staging Design Professional™ Expert Level course provides the foundational certification training. This online Expert course is a prerequisite for the Master experience, so that everyone comes into it with that same important base of knowledge. From there, the Master course builds a beautiful framework for you business.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a decade, this workshop is going to blow your mind and take you way beyond where you imagined you could be in your staging career.

The BY Design warehouse is home base for your training. We begin there, spending a few minutes getting to know each other over coffee and a continental breakfast. Your course 'goodies' will be waiting for you on the table.

Day 1 is all about occupied staging, beginning with a walk-through where we discuss the particular challenges of the home and how to address them. In the most recent cohort, this little space off the entry needed to be defined. Problem solved! 


Master students roll up their sleeves and get to work staging the home, with the guidance of Julie and Debbie. The prime selling feature of the home - in this case, the view - is highlighted. Who knew there was a gorgeous pool out there?!


You never know what scary surprises are going to turn up. Knowing how to address delicate issues with your clients, without offending, is part of your training.

This is a very full day, but we take a break for a yummy catered lunch.

All of that earlier training in design principles is put to work now. Notice the too-small rug under the table is switched with the larger one that was under the seating area.


Once the transformation is complete, the process of conducting a consultation is cemented through role-play. Step-by-step, we walk through exactly what to say and how to guide the conversation. Whew - you no longer have to sweat that first client contact.

Day 2 begins with a warehouse tour and tons of great logistics tips. But first, coffee and breakfast! The entire BY Design team is available for questions on everything from how to store rugs, to office management, to how to load the truck, to social media insights.


Travel time to the vacant home is used to answer more questions about any aspect of your business. At the home, we walk through each room together, discussing the specific challenges and needs. This home included the dreaded corner fireplace (insert 'Yikes' emoji). See the above video about how we went through the process of creating the optimal layout. 


After room assignments are made, each team takes notes and measurements for their design plan. 

Back at the warehouse, another delicious lunch is waiting for us (Torchy's Tacos if our Office Manager, Roxanne, has anything to say about it). As we talk with our mouths full, an overall color and style scheme is defined by the group. The party really gets rocking as everyone makes selections from the huge inventory of fabulous furnishings. Seriously, it's like Christmas morning!


Along the way, you get to see our systems and processes in action.


No trip to San Antonio is complete without visiting The Pearl, so that's usually where we all gather for dinner and a quick tour of Hotel Emma. You may want to take an evening stroll from there down the famous San Antonio Riverwalk.

Day 3 begins with a bonus training session while the logistics crew loads the truck with all of our treasures. Then it's off to stage the vacant home.


Every detail is another opportunity to learn. 

Of course, lunch is delivered - Have you figured out that we like to eat? There are a million teaching moments throughout the day, including a lesson in hanging art. When you are staging one house after another, it's important to know all of the time-saving tricks. We share all of those insider secrets to make you more efficient and confident. Guaranteed that Julie will also get a few belly laughs out of you.


After everything is picture perfect, Julie and Debbie do a final walk-through with the group. Although we have already made sure that design principles were followed and it looks awesome, this time we discuss it from a business standpoint. What could we do without and save for our next stage? You will be amazed at how much you really do not need. Cha-ching!

Professional photos of both homes are part of the package, so you leave with a great start for your portfolio.

Graduation is a proud moment in our beautifully staged space. Final goodbyes get a bit emotional because we have all come to cherish each other in these brief few days.

Thankfully, we stay connected through our Staging Studio Society Facebook group, and get to run into each other at conferences and market. Can't wait to see you again soon!

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This is the beginning of a beautiful journey together into the world of staging and design.