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How to Store Rugs in Your Home Staging Warehouse

Nov 16, 2020
How to store rugs in your staging warehouse

We see this question a lot in our Facebook group for home stagers: “How do you store rugs in your home staging warehouse?!”

We know the struggle - wrestling large rugs can be quite time-consuming. Here is our method to organize the madness:

We use two 4’ x 8’ pallet racks back to back to form an 8’ x 8’ rack. For easier access to the rugs, be sure and leave the aisles wide and clear on both sides.

The bottom shelf is for 9’ x 12’ rugs and larger. The middle rack holds 8’ x 10’ rugs, and the top rack can hold 5’ x 7’ on one side and 4’ x 6’ rugs on the other.

If you have extra ceiling clearance, there may still be room for one more level above, where you can store dining chairs or other lightweight items.

a bunch of rugs stored in a warehouse

Pro Tip: If you are using an inventory scanning system such as Stageforce, roll rugs so that all tags are on the same end for easy scanning.

Try this in your home staging warehouse and let us know what you think. For more storage tricks, see how we store artwork in our home staging warehouse.

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