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Trendspotting: What Interior Designers and Home Stagers Can Learn From New York Fashion Week

Feb 08, 2019

New York Fashion Week has begun and although it is not normally a mainstay on the calendar of most interior designers and home stagers, you should take note of what is happening at the celeb and Insta-famous gathering. Why?

Home trends start on the fashion runway.

The colors, textures, patterns, and materials that NY Fashion Week models are showing off are what you can expect to see in home furnishings at Las Vegas and High Point Markets. The home and apparel fashion industries are completely linked.

The catwalk is a key indicator of what to expect in home trends.

So, what is Anna Wintour spotting from her front-row seat? Pantone has announced their colors for autumn/winter 2019/20 and they are strong, bold colors that project confidence and evoke powerful feelings. The 2019 design trends are marked by embracing and celebrating our individuality. The latest Pantone color palette demonstrates this well.

Biking Red PANTONE 19-1650

Even the name of this one evokes adventure-- Biking Red! There is a reason why the "power tie" is red. It is bold and draws the eye's attention. Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year was Caliente, so red has been trending for a while. We think it is the grown-up version of Millennial Pink for girl bosses. Staging pro-tip: Use red on outdoor pillows to draw the eye toward a gorgeous view or pool.

Crème de Pêche PANTONE 12-1110
This creamy peach is simply yummy. Just as Biker Red is a stronger version of Millennial Pink, this is a MUCH softer version of it. It is so light, it is almost white. It is feminine and sophisticated, while still being youthful. One of our favorite ways to bring this color into stages is with the use of a flokati. And adding lighter colors is a stager's constant go-to for updating spaces and making them feel brighter.
Peach Pink PANTONE 15-1530
Are you noticing a peach theme? It seems the color palette of 2019 is all about adding a bit of orange to rosy tones, making them warm and flattering. 
Fruit Dove PANTONE 17-1926
Pantone calls this dark, bright pink "extroverted," and says that it
creates a presence that can’t be ignored." This is also a mark of the 2019 design trends. They require us to take notice -- to pay attention to what is happening in the world around us.
Sugar Almond PANTONE 18-1155
Although Pantone is calling this an appetizing "Sugar Almond," you probably know it right now as "camel." (Faux) leather and dark woods are a centerpiece of today's home trends. Rattan is a popular way to bring this color into a home.
Dark Cheddar PANTONE 15-1150
This is a much warmer version of the bold and daring Gen-Z Yellow that has taken Instagram by storm. This quieter shade still makes a big statement but is more flattering and easier to use in home decor. 
Galaxy Blue PANTONE 19-4055
Much like Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, Galaxy Blue reminds us of the vastness of the universe and the mysteries that lie in outer space. While the other colors in this palette give us confidence and celebrate our individuality, Galaxy Blue grounds us in our collective humanity.
Bluestone PANTONE 18-4217
Pantone suggests "Bluestone is a color of quiet resolve." It is strong, fearless, moody, and understated. Like your favorite faded jeans, this blue/gray will look great with just about anything and nicely balances the louder colors on the palette.
Orange Tiger PANTONE 16-1358
As mentioned above, it seems that some level of orange has been injected into almost every hue on this palette. This is it in its purest, loudest form. It demands attention. Two documentaries have recently come out on the FYRE Festival fraud. Both the Hulu and Netflix documentaries are brilliant storytelling of a terrible con, but they center around the marketing genius of one simple orange square. This bright orange stops people in their tracks. As Instagrammers scrolled quickly through their feeds of beautifully curated pictures, the orange stopped them in their tracks. That is what this color does.
Eden PANTONE 19-6050
Our favorite 2019 design trend message? Bring the outdoors IN! Eden is similar to PPG's Color of the Year, Night Watch. In our technology-driven world, we now place a premium on anything that reminds us of the outdoors. Plants literally breathe life into a space and we can't get enough of it. Did you notice our use of it on our website
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