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Why Terrazzo and Memphis Style Are the Latest in Home Decor Trends... And How To Use Them

Dec 04, 2018

You've been seeing terrazzo everywhere, but why? Rather than a revolution, design trends are usually an evolution. Each one is an unfolding of, or a reaction to a previous one. They are not just random chance. There is some meaning or an event or cultural shift that found expression in art and fashion.

One of the important current hot trends, terrazzo, harkens back to the Memphis Style that danced into popularity in the early 80's.

In 1980, Ettore Sottsass gathered a group of designer friends in Milan, Italy. As they listened to the Bob Dylan song "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" on repeat, they dreamed up the quirky, quintessential style that became known as Memphis Style. It has nothing to do with Memphis, TN or Memphis, Egypt, or Elvis.

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Difficult to describe but instantly recognizable. Happy geometrics dance around in youthful rhythm. It’s a bit children’s-birthday-party-meets-Miami-Vice.

While we are not likely to see too many rooms decorated in full-on Memphis Style, see if you can recognize some of that influence in these spaces.

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Photo via @Nudeandthenovice

Did you spot the blue sofa legs here? Give yourself a pat on the back and imagine how smart you are going to sound to your clients!

Photo via Zak Designs, Inc

The confettied look of Memphis has been ridiculed by many as too juvenile, but elements of it are resurfacing in a warmer, more sophisticated way.

Terrazzo is the more refined, adult version of the confetti pattern. Composed of marble chips in concrete, terrazzo has a lot of movement, but the colors are toned down, the edges are rougher, and the material looks natural instead of computer-generated. Target offers this pillow and vase with terrazzo patterns in the warm palette of the year. 

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