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You've got an eye for design, but you aren't sure how to start a Home Staging business. The Staging Design Expert online home staging training course is for YOU. 

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Who is this course for? 

  • Home decor lovers who are just getting started in home staging

  • Established home stagers tired of wasting precious time, energy, and money getting overwhelmed 

  • Home Stagers who, despite taking course after course, have failed to become profitable and confident

  • Interior designers who want to add home staging services

  • Real Estate Agents ready to make the leap into home staging

Become A Home Staging Expert

What Can I Expect?

When you complete the Expert level online home staging training, you will be READY to start your own home staging business. You will... 

  • Place furniture with confidence, expertly identifying how to layout a room

  • Use proper scale and proportion

  • Speak like a PRO, using proper dimensions and vocabulary

  • Optimize curb appeal

  • Select the perfect art & accessories for every home 

  • Identify and increase buyer perceptions of every home

  • ROCK both Occupied and Vacant stages

  • Know how to brand and market your Home Staging business

  • Know how to price your home staging services

To see a full list of what is included, click here.

What's My Investment?

How much is the wrong pricing model for your business costing you? How many potential clients are you missing out on because you don't have the confidence of an Expert? How much longer do you want to wait to be your own boss? How many people are passing up your services? 

A single Staging job could cover the $1250 investment. 

One time payment of $1250 or 5 monthly payments of $259.

Become A Home Staging Expert

What's Inside the Expert Level Online Home Staging Training?

video training modules

•  8 video modules on Staging Design Principles

•. 4 video modules on the business of Staging

•  Complete training for Occupied & Vacant Staging - including pricing your services

• Color training (click here for Master-level training on color)


resources included

•  The Home Staging contract we use in our own staging business

•. 100 page downloadable workbook

•. 50 forms and checklists we use in our own Staging company

next level

•. 1 hour private coaching call

•  Certified Staging Design Professional™

•  10% of all our courses go to one of our non-profit partners through our Give Back program

•. Exclusive eligibility for the Master Class

"Thanks so much for a great course! I have been staging homes for 15 years now and have taken two other staging training courses and I think that your training is the best so far. I'm looking forward to learning more in the Masters class. My favorite part of this training was learning about your vacant staging process and then seeing it play out step by step."

Michelle Lazur
Michelle Lazur, Owner- Staging Arizona & RESA Phoenix Chapter President

"Closing in on my 5th year as the owner of a staging company, this course was amazing! It validated things we were doing right, pointed out many areas for improvement and gave fresh ammunition for effectively growing the business. I wish I had taken this course first . . . EVERYTHING was covered. Thank you so much for providing such a quality product."

Jude Henson
Owner, Real Home Staging Solutions, Brighton, MI

"Thank you, Staging Studio, for providing such a wonderful course!I loved the scope and sequence of the course. It included everything I wanted to learn, as well as everything I never knew I needed to learn in order to be successful in my home staging business. I loved the scope and sequence of the material. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. Thank you, Staging Studio, for paving the way for new stagers, and raising the professional bar so high in this career."

Heidi Bergeland
The Minted Home

"This is so much fun and so value packed! So excited to be on this journey. I’ve learned so much! Thank you for such a comprehensive and professional course."

Julianna Mathers
Julianna Mathers Design

"Great course. This is my second staging certificate and it has been the most enjoyable."

Monia Meador
Owner, Staged by Design, Ft Worth, TX

"An amazing course, which had my undivided attention from start to finish!! I am a Real Estate Professional and I just recently started staging my own listings. Knowledge is Power, and I am glad I chose Staging Studio's training over many others I considered. I feel more confident than ever, and can't wait to stage my next house! The course had the perfect balance of design and business. Classy presentation."

Angie Harrison

"You guys...if you are considering a training program and not sure which to must, MUST go with Staging Studio. I’m only through the first 4 modules and I’m blown away. The content is easy to understand, properly illustrated in the videos, and I know I will be well-prepared to start my business. I’m in the early stages of the process and already have a background in design, but this course is still teaching me things that I didn’t know before. Debbie responds to questions within the modules and deeply cares about the learning experience and being a valued resource. I originally purchased another course last year that just wasn’t a good fit for me for a variety of reasons. But this is truly exceptional."


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Full Details on What's Included

Which Level Is Right For You?

Note: Payment plans are available for all levels and you can always upgrade to the next level when you are ready. But why wait? Dive in and make your dream job a reality. Every level receives the RESA accredited Staging Design Professional™ (SDP™) certification.




Created for Staging Assistants and Real Estate Agents. Completely online. Includes:

✔️ Interior design principles

✔️ How to stage occupied & vacant homes

✔️ How to select the right paint

✔️ How to increase curb appeal

✔️ Case studies and scripts to use when conducting consultations

✔️ Downloadable training manual

✔️ Comprehension checks & assignments

✔️ Staging Design Professional™ certification

✔️ 10% of course fee is donated to helping women entrepreneurs around the world

Learn more about what is included in the Staging Design Professional™ level here.

Become a Staging Professional ($750)




Our most popular option! Created for the Home Staging entrepreneur & business owner. Completely online, Includes:

✔️ Everything in the Professional level

✔️ Branding your home staging business

✔️ Marketing your home staging business

✔️ Pricing your Home Staging services

✔️ Home Staging contract & forms

✔️ Wholesale vendors list for Home Stagers

✔️ One-hour 1-on-1 coaching call

✔️ Eligibility to upgrade to the Master Class anytime for $1950

Learn more about what is included in the Expert level training here.

Register for 5 monthly payments of $259

Become a Staging Expert ($1250)




Created for the highly motivated entrepreneur who is ready to jump in with both feet & is 100% ready to sky rocket their profitability. Includes:

✔️ Everything in the Expert level

✔️ Three days in our San Antonio, TX warehouse, learning all the systems we use in our own Home Staging company.

✔️ Personal training & coaching from multimillion dollar staging business owners & Staging Studio Co-Founders, Debbie Boggs & Julie Young

✔️ Day 1: Stage an Occupied home from beginning, practice occupied consultation

✔️ Day 2: Warehouse tour, plan & pull for Vacant Stage, learn to pack bins & load truck

✔️ Day 3: Vacant stage install day, practice every aspect of a real stage

✔️ Another one-hour 1-on-1 coaching call

Learn more about the Master Class experience here

Register for 5 monthly payments of $639

Become a Master Stager ($3150)

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