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To be an expert in the Interior Design, Home Staging, or Redesign industries, you must be able to speak the language of the current trends. Knowing the vocabulary, names of colors, and the WHY behind every trend empowers you to answer your clients questions and speak as an expert.

Take a deep dive with us into where we are on the trend cycle and the psychology behind each trend movement. Learn what styles are in the top furniture markets, what the colors of the moment are, what is no longer a trend, but a basic. This course is the result of dozens of interviews with industry leaders and influencers, days upon days at the furniture industry markets, and conference calls with color experts. This course is the design trends education you need to be an expert!

Instant credibility.

You will have a badge that you can put on your website for earning your 2019 Design Trends Expert™ designation. Knowing how to talk intelligently about the design trends is an essential part of your continuing education as a Home Staging professional. Using current trends vocabulary and color names gives you instant credibility. Learn terms like "Lagom, Passementerie, and Gen-Z Yellow" -- and how to use them. 

Shop smart.

Purchasing inventory for your staging is one of the most challenging things you do as a Stager. With so many things to consider (weight, durability, price, style flexibility, etc), it is important to know if what you are buying is on the end of the trend cycle, is a basic, or a flash in the pan fad. This course teaches what percentage of your inventory should be trends vs basics.


We strongly believe that education should be interesting-- dare we say entertaining!! Learning should never be boring and we hold that philosophy in all we teach. This course is gorgeous, fast moving and interesting. Find out what Memphis Style is all about! Tennessee? Elvis? Egypt? (Hint: none of those!)

Marketing tool.

Every year that we create the design trends course, we teach it to realtor clients in Lunch-And-Learns. It is one of our best marketing tools and clients ask us to come back over and over to give it. This year, we have decided to offer YOU the opportunity to teach it as well. Everyone in the real estate industry loves to know what is trending and it is another way you can show your expertise and build your network. When you purchase the design trends presentation for $299, you get the online trends class ($59 value), PLUS a power point version and detailed script to teach to your clients! 


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