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Why This Is The Year to Offer Holiday Decorating Services

Aug 19, 2020

We know what you’re thinking… ”talking about the holidays already?! It’s only August!” But according to Pinterest, people have been pinning their holiday decor ideas since April. This extraordinary interest in the holiday season can be a window of opportunity–and is why you should offer holiday decorating services! 

Everyone wants something to look forward to.

After months of quarantine and travel restrictions brought on by the coronavirus, we all miss our family and friends. While all of our normal social functions have been cancelled or postponed, planning for the holidays gives us something to look forward to. We all need a little more fun right now and SOMETHING to celebrate.

We are nostalgic.

For many people, the holidays are full of happy memories. Family traditions that remind us of childhood and simpler, pre-quarantine days. We are nostalgic for the days when we could gather together and share celebratory meals, play games, and have no fear of a kiss under the mistletoe. Your home staging skills can transform someone’s home into a winter wonderland, transporting them to a world with fewer worries and more memories.  

PRO TIP: This year's holiday decor trends will be more cozy and traditional than in years past as people are craving a more nostalgic holiday season. We will likely see more classic red and green and more handmade items. While grandma’s ornaments may have felt dated last year, they will be absolutely cherished and displayed lovingly this year.

Entertainment budgets have not been tapped.

Although money is much tighter in most households, there are still many families who have not been financially impacted by the pandemic and have not been spending what they normally would have on entertainment. Financial experts have noted that although saving has gone up in many households, people will soon find ways of spending this money–and it is likely that holiday decor will be one of these ways. Not only are people looking forward to the holiday season, they are willing to spend money on making this year extra special!

Much of the money that would have been spent on birthday parties and vacations will be redirected to making this holiday season a bright spot in a very dark year. Your professional decorating services will be a gift to families eager to celebrate.

Opportunity to diversify your business. 

As a certified home stager, you can take advantage of this early interest in the holiday season. Adding holiday decorating as a seasonal service will diversify your home staging and redesign business, gaining you new clients and new profits despite the coronavirus pandemic. Keep in mind that most people will move at some point in their lifetime, so you are also meeting potential future clients for home staging.  

phone and a laptop featuring a christmas tree

One of the best ways to attract new clients is through social media. If you are adding holiday decorating services this year, you need to start NOW with your marketing! We created a social media and email marketing package full of templates that you can start using today to book holiday decorating jobs.

PRO TIP: What about adding holiday decor to your staged homes? Holiday decorations should be kept very simple, minimal, and non-religious when a home is on the market. We normally recommend not using holiday decor in listing photos, but this year might be the exception to the rule. Just remember, they instantly date the home, indicating how long it’s been on the market, so if the home hasn’t sold by the end of January, it may be time for new MLS photos.

Holiday decorating is just one way you can diversify your business and make it more resilient. Up your skills and become a certified Short-Term Rental Stylist® or Master Color Consultant® to bring in more revenue! That way, you can offer holiday decorating services, color consultations, and Airbnb styling in addition to your staging – flexing your creative muscles and earning extra income while you’re at it.

Staging Studio is a state-of-the-art, RESA-accredited home stager training company. By offering staging certifications, numerous free resources, and specialized courses like Short-Term Rental Stylist® and Master Color Consultant® certifications, Staging Studio provides home stagers and redesigners across the globe with the tools they need to succeed.

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