How To Market Your Home Staging Business

How To Market Your Home Staging Business

Sep 09, 2020

Getting hired as a home stager can be difficult when you are just starting out. When we launched our own home staging business in 2007, just before the financial and real estate crisis of 2008, we really struggled to get our business off the ground. But, we quickly found the keys to successfully marketing our staging business and have since built a multimillion dollar company. Here are our proven methods for marketing your staging business and getting hired as a home stager.

1. Position Yourself as the Home Staging Expert

What sets the expert home stager apart from the hobbyists? Credibility. Having an eye for design and a lot of intuition is not going to be enough to convince clients that you know what you’re talking about. 

As a certified Staging Design Professional™ you will have the knowledge and confidence to explain the “why” behind your decision. Making definitive statements on where to place the sofa based on design principles will show clients that you are the expert and they need your services to sell this home. 

2. Educate Potential Clients

Objections to home staging can be turned into an opportunity to educate the client. You don’t need to sell your services when you educate your clients! Once they know the incredible benefits of professional home staging, the "no" will turn to a "heck, yes!"

Staging Studio offers a customizable marketing presentation for home stagers to use when educating real estate agents. The presentation can be given during Realtor lunch & learn events, in-person or over Zoom. This will be the foundation of your marketing strategy and your chance to position yourself as the home staging expert. We use this same presentation several times a month in our own business–it absolutely works!

3. Promote Yourself on Social Media

Another great way to land new clients is through social media. You can take the same educational marketing approach, using your social media channels to show potential clients that you are the EXPERT in home staging.

We have spent years growing and perfecting our online presence, so we know that email writing and social media posting takes a lot of time. That is why we created a social media package for home stagers with pre-written emails and easy-to-use Instagram and Facebook templates that you can customize for your own business. 

BONUS: If you enroll in the Staging Design Professional™ Expert Level course this September, 2020, you will be granted FREE access to this social media bundle!

4. Create a Mailing List

Having a list of Realtors and homeowners who will benefit from your services is key to landing staging jobs. An easy way to collect these contacts is by offering them something they can use right now in exchange for their email address. This is called a “lead magnet.”

For example, we offer a free home staging business checklist that students can start using right after they connecting with us. Now, they are starting out on the right foot and we have a way to keep in touch.

One of the free bonuses in our social media and email templates bundle is a customizable lead magnet – the COVID-19 & Showings Infographic. Offer this as a free download on your website in exchange for email addresses to begin your mailing list.

You’ve got what it takes to market your home staging business! Whether you are promoting your home staging, AirBnB Styling, holiday decorating, or color consultations, these marketing tips and tricks are sure to bring in more clients.

5. Improve Your Marketing Today

First, go ahead and download our fall social media and email templates for home stagers for just $79 (that’s a $359 value!) This package includes:

  • 30 days of posts–that’s up to 3 months of content! 
  • 30 Instagram and Facebook stories
  • 15 Instagram posts
  • 15 Facebook posts
  • 30 Instagram captions
  • 30 Facebook captions
  • 6 email templates
  • Detailed instruction booklet mapping out your social media schedule
  • PLUS!! A free, customizable COVID-19 Showing Checklist for you to use as a lead magnet on your website

You’ll also want to get your hands on our customizable marketing presentation for home stagers. With this presentation, you’ll teach Realtors:

  • How home staging increases the perceived value and size of a home
  • How staging minimizes perceived negatives in a home
  • What sets YOUR company apart from the rest
  • How staging ups curb appeal
  • The return-on-investment of staging
  • Before & afters of staged listings
  • How stagers and real estate professionals can work together to sell the dream!

Staging Studio was created by stagers, for stagers. Learn more about our state-of-the-art, RESA-accredited Staging Design Professional™ training courses.

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