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Create a Home Staging Proposal That Converts Bids into Jobs

Jul 28, 2020
how to create a staging proposal that converts bids into jobs

You've worked hard making connections with real estate agents, and have been sending competitive home staging quotes– but you just can’t seem to close the deal. What’s going wrong?

We always say that the best way to market your staging services is to EDUCATE your clients. Teaching educational presentations about the benefits of home staging is a great way to get new leads, but you need to keep educating them all the way to the finish line.

A beautiful, educational home staging proposal is the final step to converting sellers and real estate agents into clients.

Instead of simply sending a home staging bid with what the cost of your services are, send a complete staging proposal that shows WHY your services are so needed and how your staging will sell their house quickly and for more money. Read on to learn what should be included in your staging proposal and how to instantly up your conversion rate.

The Problem and the Solution

Converting home staging prospects into clients is both an art and a science. You need to impress them with the hard facts about how home staging works and connect with them on an emotional level. Show your prospective clients how you can solve the problem of selling their home. You will make their LIVES easier by selling their listings faster and for a higher profit. You are the solution to their problems.

The proposal is a great place to overcome common objections to home staging, too. Use your staging proposal to explain why your staging is worth the expense, why they can trust you, and why every house needs to be staged.

pricing templates

Your Prices

After you explain why they absolutely have to hire you, it’s time to talk pricing. Frame this as their investment, rather than their cost.

Call to Action

This is the most important part of your proposal, where you ask your prospective client to say “yes.” Give them a place to select their staging package, and sign and date the document.

This is also a great opportunity to include your contract. It’s time to lock in your client and get started! Don’t forget these 5 must-have clauses in your home staging contract.

desk with flowers on it

Along with all of these important features, your home staging proposal should be BEAUTIFUL! You want your clients to see that gorgeous design is central to your business.

We recently implemented a brand-new, redesigned proposal in our own home staging company. And – get this! – so far, every prospective client who has received the proposal signed on with us!!

This is a game-changer, and we want it to be a game-changer for YOU, too! That’s why we added our stunning new proposal and contract templates as new BONUSES, to the Staging Design Professional® Expert Level course. The two documents are offered as Canva templates. Once you're enrolled as an Expert Level student, all you need to do is make a free Canva account to customize the documents.

Customize the home staging proposal template with your own logo, photos, and pricing, and then watch the proposal convert your prospects into clients. We’ve written & designed it for you, so you can focus on what you love most – staging.

Staging Studio was created FOR Stagers BY Stagers. Everything we teach, and all the resources we offer, are because we used them in our own business first. Get over 50 forms, contracts, and checklists for your staging company as part of the Staging Design Professional® Expert Level course.

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