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Do Home Stagers Need to Use Instagram?

Feb 05, 2021

 Do home stagers need to use Instagram? 

YES!! A social media presence is vital to growing any company and Instagram is the perfect platform for home stagers. Instagram is completely visual. Yes, there are captions, but really it’s all about the engaging pictures.

This may be terrible news for an accounting firm! It can be really hard to make spreadsheets look beautiful and engaging in a pic.

The companies who are doing really well are companies who have found a way to make their product Instagram-worthy and use social media strategically. That’s hard to do if you are selling a boring service or ugly product.

BUT!! You have social media magic that you create every day, whether you post it or not. People looooove to look at houses, so you already have the content. You are already doing the hard work. You just have to learn how to use it as your superpower!

Making Instagram Your Superpower

Do you know how hard Instagram influencers work to create the perfect shot? They arrange and rearrange their own homes over… and over… and over!

As a home stager, that is what you do every day, too. But someone is actually paying you to do the arranging! All you need to do is amplify the work you are already doing to reach new clients and build your brand on social media.

Social media can be a time suck, difficult to understand and a bit intimidating. But we are here to help you navigate, plan and organize your home staging marketing strategy.

Connecting with Clients on Instagram

Being a home stager isn’t just about designing gorgeous rooms – although that’s certainly a HUGE part of it. It’s also about entrepreneurship, being your own boss, creating a business plan, marketing your business, and building your relationships with clients.

Instagram is an essential part of your home staging marketing strategy. When potential clients go looking for a home stager or redesigner, they will turn to social media like Instagram to see examples of your staging. 

You should treat your Instagram profile as a portfolio for your work AND a way to build relationships with clients. Instagram isn’t just a platform for you to broadcast your beautiful work out to the masses. You should treat it as a two-way street, liking and commenting on your clients’ (and prospective clients’!) posts, too.

Easily Uplevel Your Instagram Marketing

We know that while social media marketing is soooo important, it can also be SO overwhelming. Understanding the algorithm, keeping up with tech updates, learning graphic design... you need a helping hand!

Our professionally designed, customizable social media and email templates will jumpstart your social media content and completely uplevel your marketing strategy. Just download our designs and write your captions using our prompts!

The templates are fully customizable, so you can add your own images, logo, and contact information. Your social media bundle comes with an easy-to-use guide explaining exactly how to use the content, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

instagram home stager templates

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