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What Home Stagers Should Know About the Instagram Algorithm

Oct 26, 2020
What Home Stagers Should Know About the Instagram Algorithm

The algorithm. You know it’s important to social media marketing… but how does it work, and how do you use it to your advantage?

When you post on Instagram, your gorgeous staging photo doesn’t just appear instantly in all of your followers’ feeds. Instead, the mysterious, totally top-secret Instagram algorithm gets to work. The algorithm decides how many people to show your post to, and how high it will rank on their feeds.

Truthfully, you can't "hack" the Instagram algorithm. It changes ALL the time. But there are some strategies that you can use to work with the algorithm to benefit your staging business.

We're here to share these tips with you, so you can use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage, plus use your knowledge to support other small businesses you love (like your Realtor clients)! 

instagram engagement tips for home stagers save posts

Saving posts has been called the “super like.” This is the Instagram algorithm’s favorite type of engagement. Create posts that your followers will want to save and share with their friends. 

Save your favorite posts as you’re scrolling through your own Instagram feed. Not only will this help you find those posts later, but you're also helping raise that account in the algorithm!

To save a post:

Tap save button on instagram example below the post you want to save. When you save a post, it's visible to you from a private section of your profile.

To save a post to a collection:

Tap and hold collection tap and hold button.

Select a collection you've already created or tap post by staging studio from their instagram to create a new one.

Pro Tip: Create a collection for all the tips we give you for your staging business like the one below. ⬇️

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#homestaging Pro Tip: One of the best ways to market your business is through the homes you currently have staged. Make sure you leave a framed image of your logo, website, and phone number so that real estate agents doing showings with their clients (who are obviously totally WOWed by your work) can hire you for their next listing.⁠ ⁠ Go to our website for tons more tips to get your home staging business off the ground and super successful.⁠ ⁠ #stagingstudio #staging #propertystaging #stagetosell #stagingtips #stagertraining #stagingworks #staginghomes #realestatestyling #stagerlife #stagingsells #homestager #stagingdesign #homestagingtips #propertystyling #stagingprofessional #stagingdesignpro #learntostage #vacantstaging #stagingtraining #realestatestylist #propertystylist #luxurystaging #stagingbusiness #realestatestaging #stagersecrets #growyourstagingbusiness #stagertips #homestagingcompany @resahq

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 share posts icons

Create awesome content that inspires your followers to share your posts with their friends. This helps with engagement and helps new people discover and support your business.

You should do the same for posts that you think your friends will like! Share posts from Realtors and other entrepreneurs in your community to amplify their message and promote their status in the algorithm.

And who doesn't like a little mail?! Your friends will appreciate knowing you thought of them when you saw the post. They feel good AND the small business gets some love. 💞

write comments button icon

Encourage your audience to comment on your posts by asking them questions. When they comment, comment back! Start a conversation with them. Increased engagement = increased positioning in the algorithm.

Do the same for your friends. Comment on their posts and share the love ♥ This has another benefit, too. Their followers will see your comment and may decide to check out your Instagram account. That’s more potential clients!

Pro Tip: We like to encourage our followers @stagingstudio to comment by promising to DM them a link to a blog. This increases engagement, helps start a conversation, and drives traffic to our blog.

Comment below if you have ever received a DM from us with a blog link. :-) See what we did there?! Comments are GOLD. And they just make us happy. It is so fun to read that a post helped you. It is what we live for!


Show small businesses how much you care by hitting that double tap. Likes aren't as powerful as saves, comments, or shares, but they still count!

As for your own account, don’t worry too much about counting likes or followers. Think quality over quantity. Are your followers engaging with your posts? Are they turning into new clients? That’s your goal – not hundreds of likes on every post. 

Now that you understand the Instagram algorithm, you need CONTENT! Luckily, Staging Studio has done the work for you. We’ve created 3 months of professional, engaging Instagram and Facebook posts for home stagers.

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This content bundle will make social media SO easy for you. As Madelyn Nguyen of Stage InStyle Creatives said:

“The social media bundle is a great tool for someone like me who struggles to find what to post on a regular basis. I want to grow my social media exposure, and this is a great framework for me moving forward. Your work is very creative and just incredible!!!”

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