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Best Home Staging Business Books + Our Fav Beach Read for Stagers

Aug 07, 2019

Looking for a good book to help you in your home staging business? Here are some of our favs on our shelf right now. We’ve used these books to help build our marketing strategy and guide business decisions in the growth of our own home staging business. (And we included a good beach read for stagers too!)


  1. Building a Brand Story by Donald Miller

Staging studio top 5 best business books for home stagers

Building a Brand Story teaches you how to cut through the noise of modern-day marketing and capture customer’s attention by connecting with them on a more responsive level. Miller bases his advice on the psychology of relating so that it’s not about telling your story, but about changing your customer’s story.


     2. MARKETING: For the Staging + Design Industry by Julie Young & Debbie Boggs

marketing for the staging and design industry

We wrote the first chapter of this #1 Amazon best-seller and so of course we recommend it for any home stager. The first chapter, on branding, is worth the price of the book. It is sold out in print, but available for download.


3. Getting Past No by William Try

getting past no negotiating in difficult situations

Staging can be a tough business when it comes to negotiating. Whether you're offering design recommendations and the homeowner refuses or you're about to sign a contract with a new client and they try to barter you down, you'll need the skill of negotiating to work through tough situations. This book will help you understand power dynamics and how you can counteract them to make better business decisions that shape the course of your success. 


4. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

profit first

From stocking up on inventory to spending on marketing ads, operating a home staging business can consume entire paychecks! In Profit First, Mike Michalowicz demonstrates how you can use a simple accounting method to help you move out of cyclic panic and into a state of profit. Definitely a must-read for those looking to get profitable fast! And, of course, this book pairs well with our online course on Profitability!


5. Staging is Murder by Grace Topping

staging is a mystery

We might have saved our true favorite for last! Who can resist a mystery novel -- especially one where the lead character is a Home Stager?! Grace Topping gave Staging Studio an advance copy of this one and we helped her with some edits to give the staging business of the main character a little more professionalism. A mystery story for those who love to indulge in the fantasy world! Put this one in your beach bag.


Want to see more of our home staging book recommendations? Check out our full Amazon book list! And if you are an avid book reader, we love being a part of the Book of the Month Club.

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