Simple Staging Hack to Save You Money on Inventory

Simple Staging Hack to Save You Money on Inventory

Sep 26, 2019

For home stagers, the best (and simplest) hack to save money on inventory is to EDIT!

You really don't need as much inventory as you think. At the Staging Studio Master Class, we show you how to think through every piece of a stage and decide whether it adds value to the stage, or just adds to the cost of your inventory. 

One of our biggest staging secrets is that you don't need end tables!

Staging is different from designing for living. When you are actually sitting on a sofa, you will need a table to set your drink on. But, when buyers are just walking through a home, an end table is not going to add a ton of value to the home. Money in your pocket. That is two fewer pieces of furniture you need to buy for each stage, not to mention the lamps and accessories you would need on them. You could easily save $500 right there. 

This living room was staged by our Master Class students. No end tables here, but still super cute! And you don't even notice they are not there.

Warning: Don't go overboard! Rugs should NOT be edited out.

Rugs are one thing we consistently see left out of stages. Rugs make an enormous difference in the perceived value of a home. Don't edit the rug out-- and don't make it too small!


Keep it minimalistic & clean! No need to spend on unnecessary extras to achieve the same appeal. Learn more simple (but very useful) staging tips in our online Staging Design Professional course or at our hands-on Master Level Training Course.

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