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How to Stage an Entryway or Foyer

Aug 29, 2023
staged entryway in a luxury home

When preparing a home for sale, the home’s entry (entrance hall or foyer) is often overlooked, with the focus instead being on larger spaces like the living room or primary suite.

However, professionally trained home stagers and real estate agents understand that buyers form an opinion of the home in the first 15 seconds – and the entry is the first space they see.

This initial assessment colors the buyer's opinion of the whole home and frames their interpretation of whatever comes next.

The home's first impression is so strong that – good or bad – it is very difficult to change, even if the rest of the property does not reflect the initial assessment.

There's no such thing as a second impression in real estate!

staged foyer with a chair, table, bench, and view of a wine cabinet. free training, Learn design principles for home staging or decorating your own home’s entryway. click here to try the free training.
Staged by Staging Studio. Photography by Maverick Studio Photography.

Design Ideas for a Home's Entryway

The staging in an entryway establishes an emotional connection for buyers right from the beginning. There are some simple and powerful entryway decorating tricks that professional home stagers can use to cement a positive first impression.

Add an Entryway Console Table

You definitely don't want the space to look crammed and cluttered, but if there's room, consider adding a console table. In homes with front doors that open straight into a living room, you can even create an entry area where there is none by placing a console behind the sofa.

Style the entryway with simple decor items, and don't forget to place your marketing materials on display! This is a great location to leave a framed business card.

two side-by-side images of a staged entryway with a console. the first entryway is staged with a console, tall potted plant, and mirror. the second is staged with vases and two dog statues
This console on Amazon from Room Fitters (right image above) is one of our favorites. 

Place a Mirror on the Entry Wall

This is one of our favorite home staging strategies. A mirror in the entry allows buyers to literally see themselves in the home – as the first and last thing they see! It's magic.

PS: We really like this mirror for home staging

a close-up view of a wooden organic looking console table accessorized with wooden beads and a mirror

Upgrade the Foyer Lighting

The entry should be light and bright, since people are coming from the outdoor sun into the dark interior of the home. This is a transition space.

The mirror mentioned above will go a long way in reflecting light and helping the space seems brighter. If you can, encourage the sellers to prioritize upgrading any outdated light fixtures in the entry. If not, you can stage with a lamp on an entryway console.

two side by side images of the same tall ceiling in a staged foyer with a modern waterfall chandelier
Staged by Staging Studio. Photos by Twist Tours.

Warm Up the Space with Rugs and Art

The entryway is likely to have hard flooring, like tile or hardwoods. Soften up the space with a rug. Consider runners for smaller entryways.

Artwork will instantly add character and visual interest. However, don't think you need to fit all of these features. For example, if you have a mirror, you may not need artwork unless the entry is very large.

a staged foyer with black and white painted stairs

Don't Ignore Odors

Odors will be most noticeable in the entryway, as potential buyers come in from the fresh outdoor area. During the property preview, you will want to take special note of any odors and eliminate them prior to any showings.

Add a Bench or Seating Area to the Entry Design

A bench or seating area in the foyer shows buyers the space is actually usable and functional. While most people won't actually use the space to sit (at least not for long), the point of staging is to show a dream version of the buyer's future life. And in this new home, they might dream that they have so much leisure time that they take a moment to relax before heading out the door.

entryway staged with a seating area with a few chairs, large chest with throw pillows, console table, and mirror

Consider Everywhere Visible From the Entry

In our home staging training course, we teach that the entry is the most important room of the home to stage. The second most important area is anything that you can see from the entry.

Take a snapshot of the listing's interior from the front door. What do you see? That's what potential buyers will see when they walk in. The entryway is sooo important, but so is anywhere you can see from there.

The entryway will be the first and last thing prospective buyers will see, so it gets double the attention. Your professional entryway staging has the potential to make a huge impact on a listing – promoting a quick sale with the highest possible profit!

staged entryway with navy door and wood floors and wood truck and pattern rug.
Staged by Staging Studio. Photography by Hatley Pictures.

Design Terms to Know: Entry vs. Foyer vs. Vestibule

An entry is less formal and usually a little smaller than a foyer. A vestibule is usually more closed off and more typical in older homes or in colder climates to keep heat in the home. A vestibule is also more closely related to the modern "mudroom."

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Top image staged by Staging Studio, photo taken by Twist Tours. All uncredited photos were taken by Staging Studio of our own stages.


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