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Secret Home Staging Tips Pros Do Without Telling You About Them

Jun 05, 2020

Shhhhh... Don't tell anyone but we are going to let you in on some juicy trade secrets. This is classified information, normally known only to home staging industry experts

If you thought home staging was just a matter of plunking some furniture in a room, think again. Staging is interior design, psychology, and marketing - all rolled into one. Staging Design Professionals® know the secret strategies to market a home and help sellers net the greatest profit on their real estate investment, whether those sellers are homeowners, builders, or investors. So here are 5 insider home staging secrets revealed:

1. Hang a mirror in the entry hall.

It looks beautiful, neutral, and reflects light into the space, but more importantly, buyers' first and last impression will be to literally 'see' themselves in this home. 

2. Use matching nightstands, lamps, and pillows in the primary bedroom.

This creates symmetry and a feeling of peace, balance, and harmony. Buyers will subconsciously think "My relationship is going to be better in this home." (PS: We recently shared this tip in a Redfin article).

3. Distract from any perceived negatives.

Let's face it. Every home has some feature that is less than optimal. Draw the eye away from it with something more appealing.

dining room table  dining room table with plant

4. Hide cleaning products, clocks, and scales.

Home staging promotes the vision of a perfect life. This home is practically self-cleaning. Time has no meaning in this home. Nobody has to watch their weight or exercise in this home. 

5. Use one light neutral paint color throughout the home.

Buyers love light and bright. Even if they are downsizing, they want the place to feel spacious. Using a single color will create a flow that expands the perceived size.

More staging tips and free resources can be found at Find a home stager near you, or become certified to stage real estate listings. Not sure if home staging is the right career for you? Take the quiz to find out!

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