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Learn How to Land AirBnB Styling Jobs

May 18, 2020
How to Land More Airbnb Styling Jobs

You are interested in becoming a Certified Short-Term Rental Stylist™, but then what? How do you actually get STR business? Where can you find clients for your AirBnB Styling business?

This is a difficult economic year for the entire globe, and no matter where you are, people are looking for new ways to supplement their income. More and more people are considering their primary or secondary residence as an opportunity to make money– and each month 16,000 new hosts join AirBnB. That’s a lot of properties that need to be styled and stocked!

There are a number of ways to connect with those investors and Short-Term Rental hosts to provide your styling services and help them get rave reviews. 

Add a page to your website and offer a lead magnet to draw potential clients in and collect emails. A lead magnet is simply something that hosts and investors would find useful. It could be a list of things to include in an AirBnB, or 10 ideas to get better reviews, a sample budget - just a pdf that they can download. The lead magnet sets you up as the expert AND gives you a mailing list for your email marketing. Advertise this free lead magnet  on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

**Big news! We have already done this for you. Simply use one of the lists that we have included in the Short-Term Rental Stylist™ course. We provided some of them in a customizable format so that you can adapt and brand them for your own use.

Follow up with an email pipeline. The value of the lead magnet comes from the email address potential clients give you when they request the lead magnet. Once you have a way to contact potential clients, follow up with a pipeline of emails that offer great information while keeping your name in front of them.

Join local investor Facebook groups. The keyword here is local. You don’t want to waste your time on folks in another state or province. You are only interested in the ones that are operating in your immediate area. Make it crystal clear what city or county you serve. This goes for your website and social media as well. Specify your location so that those who are searching your area will find you. 

Message nearby hosts and offer your services. Contact lackluster rentals in your area. Heck contact the great ones, too - they might be planning another property and need help designing it.

Offer to speak at a HOST meet-up or join a Facebook group of local hosts. If there isn’t one, create one and instantly, as the moderator of the group, you are the expert. Again, remember to make it local and specify the area that is served by that group.

Network on Investor websites. is the most active RE investor site. Think of it as the Staging Studio Society of investors. They are the go-to site. This is the forum where investors ask each other questions. They share information on sourcing, financing, property management, you name it. They sell properties to each other. It is where investors hang out online, so it is a great place to connect with them.

Create an AirBnB Experience. This last suggestion is my personal fave. I just love it. AirBnb offers more than just stays. Through AirBnB Experiences they also promote all kinds of activities hosted by locals. Cooking classes, walking tours, adventures of every kind. You could take advantage of this opportunity to provide a workshop or lunch and learn. It could be on practically any topic, but why not one on hosting Airbnbs. Your class is a way to raise awareness in your area about your services. Interestingly, people attending these experiences are more likely to be locals - locals who are interested in short-term rentals.  AirBnB will promote the workshop so your business is being seen. What amazing advertising! You are getting paid to connect with potential clients and demonstrate your expertise. AirBnB gets 20% of whatever course fee you charge, but honestly, even if they took all of it, it would be worth it for the marketing potential. Or you may just love getting paid to share your knowledge on a topic you are passionate about. Super fun.

There are a lot of TV shows popping up about STR styling. Notably, one on Netflix called ‘Stay Here’. Very entertaining to watch and you will pick up a lot of pointers, but those homes tend to be very high end, luxury properties. You do not have to break into the luxury market in order to have a career as a designer for Airbnbs. The bulk of STRs are still regular middle-class homes, and even lower-priced homes. 

Ready to get started? Become certified as a Short-Term Rental Stylist™ today. Plus, watch our FREE webinar, where we answer your burning questions about styling vacation rentals!

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