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Work From Home Survival Guide for Home Stagers

Mar 25, 2020

While you are working from home as much as humanly possible and doing your part by social distancing, we want to give you some tips on how to make this time as productive as possible, so we created this Work From Home Survival Guide for Home Stagers.

We all have a list of things that we know are important. Things that we wish we had time for. Things we know would make us better entrepreneurs, better bosses, better stagers, better friends, better partners. We are often too busy getting s#*t done, though, to make room in our lives for those things. The urgent takes precedent over the vital. Maybe this forced pause will allow you to finally lay a proper foundation for your business.

Without an appointment kicking us out of bed in the morning, the temptation is there to sleep in later. If you have kids at home, they are off their schedule as well, and not burning up as much energy, so they are throwing you off even more. Ok- vacation is over. This is the new reality for a while, so it is time to create some healthy habits.

Cabin fever is real. It can make you crazy if you let it. Here are some ways to not let it: 

1. Set your alarm clock and get up at a regular time. It can be later than usual, since you have less to do in the morning, but you will be less groggy in the day if you establish a schedule and stick to it. 

2. Make your bed. If this is part of your normal routine, keep it up even though company is not coming over. It's a habit that starts your day with an accomplishment.

3. Feed you soul. Whether you choose meditation, prayer, or simply reminding your self of the things you are grateful for - be intentional about setting your thought patterns at the beginning of the day.

4. Don't skip self care. Take a shower and put on real clothes. Wearing pajamas all day will make you less productive and the lack of professionalism will show up in your work.

5. Set goals. Think past this crisis and into the future a few weeks or months from now. What would your future self wish you had done with this time? What can you do now to move your future business forward? We have created a beautiful free workbook and webinar to help you set those goals.

6. Help someone else. Your community needs you now more than ever. There are a million ways to encourage others from a distance. A few ideas:

  • Check on any elderly or disabled neighbors - while still maintaining distance from them.
  • If you sew, consider making medical masks to donate.
  • Food banks are strained and would appreciate your donations and help.
  • Read a book over FaceTime to a child who is being home-schooled.
  • Use your home staging skills to help someone set-up a home office.

7. Exercise. Get some fresh air walking outside (with a mask of course!) if you can safely distance. If not, use a treadmill, or maybe an online yoga class. 

8. Exercise your brain. Use this opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge that will benefit your business. Keeping your mind and body active helps ward off depression.

9. Give yourself some grace about home-schooling the kids. This could be an opportunity for them to study the things that they are interested in. Here are a few helpful links we have found for kids:

10. Give those you are isolated with some grace, too. Remember these are people you love. Sometimes that is easier said than done. Here is a great book to encourage you. 

11. We are social creatures. We need each other. So instead of 'social distancing' let's do physical distancing. Join us as we celebrate our community together in our Facebook group, Staging Studio Society, and in our Monday morning Coffee Chat. 

12. Communicate with your clients. Your clients need to hear from you during this time! They want to know how your business will be there for them. We created a bundle of templates for social media posts and emails to send to make this wayyyyy easier!

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