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What Every Home Stager Should Have In Their Toolkit

Jan 17, 2018

With 2 box trucks and 2 full time crews, we have a lot of moving parts in our home staging business. It is important to us to arrive at every job fully prepared. With so many stages and de-stages flowing in and out, it is crucial to stay organized and on top of the game.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” -Benjamin Franklin

That means planning out even the simplest of things, such as what we put in our toolkit. This way, we are prepared for any job that comes our way without having to throw things in a box at the last minute.

 We created an amazon shopping list of all the items we have in our toolkit and all the other supplies we bring on stage day.

picture of a toolkit

Did you notice her DIY art hanging stick? Watch exactly how we use it to hang art here.

What’s in your toolkit? Is there anything we missed? Let us know. Happy prepping!  

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inside picture of home depot

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