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Elevator Pitch Ideas for Home Stagers

Sep 28, 2020

Them: "What do you do?"

You: “I’m a home stager!”


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Does this happen to you? If so, you might need to work on your home staging elevator pitch! An elevator pitch is how you explain what your business does in just a few short sentences.

If you’re not sure where to start, no worries. We have a bunch of tips and elevator pitch ideas for home stagers – just keep reading.

Why You Need A Home Staging Elevator Pitch

The term “elevator pitch” comes from the idea that if you were on an elevator with a potential client, and just had a few seconds to explain what you do, then you better be quick before they get off!

But elevator pitches aren't just for elevators – there are many situations where you will need to explain your business. You never know where your next business opportunity is!

We are always asking one another, “What do you do?” This is a way of connecting with people and getting to know more about them. Since this is such a universal question, why not be prepared with a memorable answer that will win over new clients?

How to Write a Great Home Staging Elevator Pitch

The #1 mistake business owners make is talking alllllllll about themselves and their business – awards won, years of experience, accomplishments, press, etc.

Although those things are great, your potential client will not see how you will solve a problem for them or make their life better. “Look at me. Look at me,” will be all they hear.

Frankly, human nature is to self-persevere, so all potential clients want to know what’s in it for them. Your elevator pitch needs to explain how you can fix their problems!

Key Elements in an Impactful Home Staging Elevator Pitch

  • Start with a client’s pain point, like: “Most homeowners have trouble selling their home quickly for top dollar.”
  • Show how your business is the solution: “I have a proven solution…”
  • Tell them how they will benefit: “...that makes it easy to get higher offers and a faster sale.”
  • Explain the reward: “I'm telling you the results are amazing!" 
  • Keep it short. It should be about 30-60 seconds.
  • Keep it simple. No need to go into stats or long stories.  

Using Your Home Staging Elevator Pitch

Once you’ve written your elevator pitch, memorize it! You don’t want to sound robotic, but you’ll want to know it well so you can repeat it to anyone who asks, “What do you do?” Make it conversational and comfortable for you to say. If you have a team, they should know the elevator pitch too!

Your elevator pitch will come in handy when you present at Realtor lunch & learn events – in person or over Zoom. These events are a perfect opportunity for you to educate potential clients about what you do.

Introduce yourself with your elevator pitch, and then present to them using Staging Studio’s Marketing Presentation. We provide you with the 1-hour presentation AND script, so you can start educating potential clients.

For more help marketing your home staging business, check out Staging Studio’s home staging resources. We are not just a training company for home stagers – we run our own home staging company as well. One marketing resource we use often is this presentation we present to Realtors at lunch and learns.

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