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Goal-Setting for Your Best Year Yet

Nov 20, 2019

Ready to kick off the New Year with a plan for success in place?

Start your new year with clear goals-- and plans for achieving them. Join Staging Studio Co-Founders, Debbie Boggs & Julie Young, in this webinar replay on mapping your future for success and how to ROCK your year. Whether staging is just a dream, or you've been in it for 15 years, join us for more joy and less overwhelm!

Download the FREE Workbook and watch the video replay to:
• Set your BIGGEST income & project goals then apply the systems to hit those numbers consistently.
• Define what is holding you back and how to break through that barrier.
• Get nerdy with numbers and specifics.
• Decide on your big goal for the year then design an action plan to achieve it.
• Design next year’s marketing plan that’ll turn your prospects into raving fans.


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