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It’s wonderful to transform houses, but even better is to transform lives. When you invest in your success through Staging Studio’s Training, you’re not only investing in yourself, but you’re also helping families, women, and children improve their lives. Upon registration for your course, YOU get to choose which non-profit to partner with and Staging Studio will donate 10%.

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Project Red

Project RED (Reintegration, Education & Development) brings hope to impoverished families who have been adversely affected by the new law in El Salvador.

This new law is removing many children from orphanages and forcing them to live in high-risk situations. No support system exists to help these children, many of whom will be abused, neglected or malnourished in their new homes.

RED's holistic approach helps provide for the basic needs of these families, and brings opportunities for self-sufficiency.


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Imani Collective

Imani Collective is a community of dreamers + shakers who are passionately pursuing a holistic approach to women’s empowerment.

We create organic, non-toxic home goods that are hand made with love by over 50 artisans in Kenya + Dallas, providing vocational training, meaningful jobs, and education scholarships for their children.

Your financial partnership helps us create jobs with dignity for the women of these communities. Together, let’s boldly ask “Why not?”

Convinced that we aren’t just better together — we’re our best together.

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Wiphan trains women in Zambia with free skills training that provide a woman with the ability to earn a respectable living for herself and her family.

For each woman who becomes self-sustaining, there are an additional 4-6 people living in her household who benefit directly from her income and the discipleship she receives at Wiphan.

Wiphan’s mission is to equip widows and orphans for a productive life, offering hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus Christ.


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