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Home Staging Business Lessons from Hiking a Glacier

Mar 13, 2019

Written by Julie Young, Co-Founder of Staging Studio

My hubby and I just got back from 3 weeks in New Zealand to celebrate our anniversary. It was an adventure-filled trip that included hang-gliding, glacier climbing, and whitewater rafting. It was incredible! But, all my adventures made me think a lot about YOU and your business. 

Building a business is like climbing a mountain.  
Let me be clear, Home Staging is not a get rich quick scheme!  It has taken years full of hard work, long hours, victories, and failures. And sometimes that mountain is not just a regular mountain. It is a mountain of ICE with deep crevasses! But if you keep taking a step each day, eventually your business will move forward.  

Follow a successful path.
When I was climbing the glacier, I followed our guide. A glacier melts and the paths can change every few days. The guides go up daily before any other hikers to determine the best path. If someone has gone ahead of you, there will be an easy path for you to follow. That is what Staging Studio is all about--creating a clear path for you!  We have built a successful staging business but have made some mistakes along the way--that we use as teaching opportunities that you can learn from! In addition to our training school, we operate our own Home Staging business--BY Design Home Staging. We are in the trenches daily and continue to learn, so our courses reflect what will REALLY work for you and we can make adjustments and add new insight as we go along. For instance, our Expert level online course includes all the forms and contracts we use daily. As we encounter new situations, we update our contract-- and make sure you have the most current version at all times!

Setting Goals.
The goal was to get to the top of the glacier. Because I was willing to push myself, I got to go up to a higher level than the other groups.  By committing to the task, I was rewarded by attaining a greater achievement and experience--an ice slide/cave! In business, not everyone is willing to put in the extra push to get ahead, but you will be rewarded! It may mean staying late to get the job done or that you initially do all the jobs--bookkeeper, marketing rep, stager, and receptionist.  Set clear definitions --by clear, I mean writing down specifics--of what your goals are. Not “grow my business this year” but be very specific “I will set 3 CE classes this month to educate brokers and realtors."

Where’s the top?
When I started the glacier climb, I couldn’t see the top. When we started BY Design 11 years ago, we had no idea where we would be!  That is why it is imperative to have a guide show you the way so you can get there quicker, someone who has already been to the top and has taken a few wrong turns along the way.  That way they can warn you--don’t go that direction, it didn’t work out. Once you follow a proven path, your staging business will grow quickly.

Have some fun!
Building a staging business can be grueling, but don’t forget to have some fun along the way.  That is why you got into staging in the first place--to enjoy using your talents to help others with their largest financial investment.  How great it is to see homeowners benefit from your staging and for them to benefit by making more $$ selling their home --not to mention selling it quickly so they don’t have the hassle of having a home on the market for a long time! Btw-- Our online video courses are NOT boring! You will love them!

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