SDP™ Master Level Upgrade

$1,950.00 USD

Get the confidence of a seasoned pro! 

Hands-on personal experience, staging both occupied and vacant homes. These 3 DAYS with us in San Antonio will blow your mind and super-charge your business. Requires prior completion of Expert course.

If you have not already completed the SDP™ Expert Level and want to take the Master Level, please register here.

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I have already completed the Staging Design Professional™ Expert Level (REQUIRED).:

I understand that because Master students have access to proprietary information such as pricing and financials, this course is not available to stagers in the San Antonio/Austin area.:

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10% of every Staging Studio course goes to empowering women entrepreneurs. Change Your Life. Change The World. Select where you would like your portion to be directed. For more information, visit our GIVE BACK page at the footer of our website.:

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Completion of the SDP™ Expert Level  course is required to be eligible for the Master Course. You may register for both at the same time in order to hold your space at the next Master offering. If you have already completed the Expert course, it is not necessary to repeat it. Certification by other training providers does not qualify you to register for the Master course. $1250 investment includes 15 design, business, and marketing modules, one hour private coaching call, over 50 forms, contracts, sample emails, and checklists. Everything you need to be a BOSS stager!