Master Color Consultant™

$729.00 USD

Beautiful Spaces Start with COLOR

From tile to trim & walls to hardwood, selecting the

right color palette is a complex and dynamic process.

As a Certified Master Color Consultant, you will:

  • Confidently conduct color consultations
  • Select the perfect color palettes and finishes for any space- interior and exterior.
  • Apply design principles and color theory
  • Use color to affect perception of scale, proportion, and perceived value
  • Successfully market your color services
  • Understand which colors work with different wood tones
  • Understand the color wheel & how colors influence each other
  • Expertly accent, highlight or tone down the elements of a space
  • Instantly identify undertones
  • Unlock the secrets of your Sherwin-Williams fan deck
  • Easily formulate neutrals and select the perfect white
  • Know the psychology and meaning behind color for branding
  • Fun facts about paint and pigment

Color Kit for exercises will be shipped 3-5 business days after purchase. Online course may become available before you receive your kit, but we recommend that you wait to begin until you have the kit. 

NOTE: Please also note that this course is for one person only. Do not share login or password information. Violations will result in revocation of access to course.

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