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Jun 20, 2018

Thank you Staging Design Professionals™ for changing the WORLD!

When you invest in your success through Staging Studio’s Training, you’re not only investing in yourself, but you’re also helping families, women, and children improve their lives. Upon registration for your course, YOU get to choose which non-profit to partner with and Staging Studio will donate 10%.

It’s wonderful to transform houses, but even more wonderful to transform lives! What joy seeing the difference that SDPs™ are making with their selection of non-profit partners!

This last year, SDPs™ who chose to partner with Project Red through Staging Studio’s Give Back program donated enough to build the Avelar family a new home with a cooking area, changing the trajectory of the entire family’s life!

Here is the before of the home the Avelar’s had been living in:

Their “home” was falling down and leaking through the old sheet metal roofing. They did not have a cooking area and it was a dangerous living situation.

Kara Wilson, the founder of Project Red, told us a little bit more about the Avelar family.

“Samuel, the father, typically works for weeks at a time away from the home as an agricultural worker. He does not make nearly enough to make ends meet. The family lives in extreme poverty. Their makeshift house is made of old sheet metal and pieces of plastic with dirt floors, no running water, and no electricity. This family needs a great deal of material, educational, and emotional support in order to overcome the difficulties they have and continue to face. “

Here is the after of the Avelar’s new home and their smiling faces!!

Way to go, Staging Design Professionals™!  Thank you for bringing joy to others around the world and making an impact through your training.

Check out our Give Back page for more details.

Watch how Project Red is making an impact in El Salvador. Find out more about Project Red here.

Our Give Back partners have been fully vetted financially by CPA’s to be financially sound and sustaining.

Go Change the World!!

- Julie Young, SDP™

Co-Founder of Staging Studio

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