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How to Use Wallpaper for Design Clients

Jul 15, 2017

Wallpaper has come a long way since it was first popularized. But what wall paper is on trend? Today you can choose from 3-dimensional, acoustical, digitally custom printed wallpapers… you can even make your own wallpaper with proper printing equipment.

Since it is usually very taste-specific, we don’t often recommend wallpaper for home staging. However, when it comes to personalizing a home for a design client, it’s a decorative tool that can deliver a big punch!

With the almost endless options of wallpapers, let’s not forget how to use wallpaper in design. Take a look at these creative applications:

1. Ceiling Mount (via Pinterest)

ceiling mount wallpaper

2. Wallpaper applied in small space (via Decor Pad)

wallpaper in a bathroom

5. Fireplace surround (wallpaper around fireplace from Smart Art)

wallpaper around a fireplace

6. Wallpaper applied in alcoves of focal wall (via Pinterest)

wallpaper in the focal wall around the fireplace


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